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EVS Week 2023-24

26-27 December 2023

The Primary Wing of DPS Mathura Road organised an EVS Week for students of classes I to V, an annual event to raise awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices.

This year's theme was "Billion Dreams, One Earth” that aimed to educate and empower students to work together, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility towards the planet.

Educators across classes I-V successfully facilitated engaging discussions and initiatives with students, highlighting the significance of individual actions in creating a positive environmental impact.

Theme-based topics such as, Earth's Natural Resources, Earth Protectors, Houses Found in Different Regions of the World, Exploring Local Wildlife and Eco-Friendly objects were presented.

Various art and craft activities using recycled materials, awareness campaigns, show and tell, model making, slogans, eco-pledge, presentations, nature walks and hands-on projects were undertaken during EVS period, fostering a comprehensive understanding of ecological concepts. Students participated enthusiastically and developed a greater appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature, as well as the need to protect and conserve biodiversity.

The successful completion of the EVS Week demonstrated the power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges.

The core concept of collective action resonated with the students to adopt eco-friendly habits in their daily lives, inspiring them to become responsible stewards of the environment.

Mathemagic – Maths Week


DATES - 28-11-23, 29-11-23

To celebrate the beauty of numbers, patterns, shapes and logic, Maths week was organised for classes I – V on the dates 28.11.23 and 29.11.23. On 28.11.23 classes III – V organised many interesting activities for the students in the classrooms. Slice Your Time Activity was organized for the students of grade III to enhance their knowledge on fractions and time. They made a working model of a clock, showed time on it, and expressed the marked part in fractions. The theme for class IV was Symmetrical Impressions. Students presented examples of symmetrical things around them. They talked about the line of symmetry, types of symmetry and used models/ charts to present the same in class. Students of class V prepared and presented string designs crafted on an A-4 sized sheet using threads / strings of length 1metre. These threads/strings designs were based on the mathematical concept of measurement of length. The activity was named Trendy Twines. It was a great learning experience for the students to visualize a variety of contours made using the same stretch of threads.

On 29.11.23 classes, I and II designed a plethora of activities to make the students explore the fun side of Mathematics. The theme for class I was ‘Shape-Tacular Extravaganza’.

Students used their bodies to form various shapes like triangle, square, circle etc. They even drew a “shape monster” using different 2D shapes. Word Wall and Smart board games were conducted in the classrooms. Students also brought shape tiffin having food items cut into different shapes. Students of Class II enthusiastically participated in Fair and Square activity on various flat shapes. They were shown power point presentation on riddles based on different 2dimensional shapes. Thereafter, children made shapes using toothpicks and dry clay. All students participated excitedly with great zeal and fervor.

Interschool Events(January 2024)

Delhi Public School, Mathura Road participated in the 20th Junior Flash on 19th January ,2024 at Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School. Students from thirteen prestigious schools of Delhi NCR participated in this inter-school competition. Four events namely- Stage Ninjas, Scratch -a-thon, Slide battle and The Quizzard were held for students of grades 3, 4 and 5.

Students from DPS Mathura road brilliantly participated and won Third prize in Stage Ninja event. Students who participated in Stage Ninja-
1.Aliya Alvi - class III
2.Agastya Gupta- class IV
3. Veer Chadha - class V

Our school also won Prize for Good Efforts in the event Slide Battle. The following students participated in Slide Battle -
1. Vivaan Gupta - class IV
2. Aditya Gupta - class V

II) Students of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road participated in Smt Mohini Virendra Singh Inter school chess tournament 2023-24 at Modern school, Vasant Vihar on 30th January and 31st January 2024 and won the second position.
DPSMR 3-5 TEAM--2nd Position

Investiture Ceremony


On April 20, 2023, Delhi Public School, Mathura Road held the Investiture Ceremony for the Junior School. The Chief Security Commissioner of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Mr. Suvashis Choudhary, graced the ceremony as the esteemed chief guest. The ceremony was honoured by the attendance of the Principal, Ms. Reema Sharma, and the Vice Principals, Mr. Naveen Kumar, Ms. Inderjeet Kaur, and Ms. Monica Sahni.

Hindi Diwas


They enthusiastically presented their chosen items, speaking a few lines about them in Hindi, and vividly described their significance in Hindi language. The children's excitement and enthusiasm made their participation in this activity to celebrate Hindi Diwas a delightful experience. Class 2 conducted poem recitation activity on Hindi Diwas on the theme ‘Seasons’ in online mode. Children used costumes, props and stick puppets to present their poems on the theme.