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Annual Award Ceremony Batch (2018-19)

Delhi Public School, Mathura Road held the Annual Award Ceremony of class V on 21st May 2019, to felicitate the meritorious students for their academic excellence.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr.Prabhjot Kulkarni, former Principal of Maharishi Valimiki College of Education, University of Delhi.

The ceremony commenced with the auspicious lighting of the lamp amidst recitation of mantras. This was followed by the welcome address by the Headmistress Mrs Ranjana Dean. She welcomed the Chief Guest, Principal Mrs Deeksha Khera, Vice Principal, Mrs Reema Sharma ,Senior Mistress Mrs Renu Puri ,PTA executives, members of the staff and the proud parents of the awardees.

Mrs. Ranjana Dean, in her address, congratulated the young scholars for their exceptional academic performance. She reiterated that our aim is to create dynamic, versatile and confident individuals who stand out in the crowd.The distinguished guests were welcomed with potted plants.

The Principal, Mrs. Deeksha Khera in her address, applauded the accomplishment of the young scholars and encouraged them to keep working hard with sincerity. She emphasized that the young generation has immense potential, will power and determination to overcome all obstacles and reach the pinnacle of success. Further, she expressed the commitment to ensure that along with high academic standards, an impetus is provided to promote the latent talent and moral conduct of the children at every level in a school.

Mrs. Prabhjot Kulkarni, the chief guest of the occasion congratulated the young scholars on their achievement and awarded them with Scholar Badges and certificates. She gave an inspiring speech emphasizing on giving every student a chance to develop his/her capacities to the fullest and getting the insightful opportunity for education.She appreciated the efforts of the school in augmenting so many programmes for the holistic education of the students.

The School Choir enthralled the audience with a musical presentation, which highlighted that it’s important to let your aspirations and desires soar higher.

The ceremony also witnessed a display of talent from the world of Yoga .The performance by our little ones on the song “Aashayein khile dil ki….ummedein hase dil ki ….Amalgamation of aerobics and yoga postures was simply magnificent.

The poignant morning came to an end with the words of Mrs Roopa Arora, Academic Coordinator, as she rendered the vote of thanks. .She acknowledged the contribution of the heads, teachers, support staff and PTA representatives in making the event successful.

The National Anthem brought a closure to a much awaited morning.

Scholar Badge Ceremony for Classes IV & V (2017-18)

On 22nd May 2018, the Scholar Badge ceremony was held to felicitate meritorious students for their academic excellence.

The Principal, Mr.Manohar Lal, in his speech, applauded the accomplishment of the young scholars and inspired them to continue to work diligently so as to reach the pinnacle of success. He was happy to share the work done for the school in the past few years and its achievements.