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Sport Week

03-02-2020 to 07-02-2020

Celebration of Sports Week was started in the Junior school ground with the inauguration by the honorable Principal Ms. DeekshaKhera along with our esteemed Vice-Principals Ms. Reema Sharma and Mr. Naveen Kumar. Our esteemed Parent Reps and HOD sports Ms. AmitKaur was also present there. The ceremony started with the Welcome address by the Headmistress Ms.Ranjana Dean and address by the Principal. The programme commenced with the lighting of the torch which was handed over to the Sports Captain Avani Mishra. This was followed by March Past. Thereafter the oath taking ceremony was held which was followed by Yoga, Martial Arts and aerobics. Mr. AnandPrakash rendered the Vote of thanks . It was organized well and was a great success.

Football matches were held among the boys of all the sections of class IV.The team of boys from section D were declared the winners.

Basket Ball matches were held among all the girls of class IV. The team of girls from section E and F were declared winners. The matches began with the toss of coin by the headmistress Ms. Ranjana Dean. The races were organised simultaneously for the children of class III. The following children won the races.

Boys MdAyan III-G Riyan III-D Nikshay III-H
Girls Ayesha III-G Roiba III-B Anika III-E

The event was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Sports Week

The junior wing of DPS Mathura road kick-started the celebrations of its sports week on 3rd February,2020 in the junior school grounds. The event was inaugurated by the Honourable Principal , Mrs. Deeksha Khera along with the respected vice principal Ms. Reema Sharma and Mr. Naveen Kumar . Our esteemed Parent reps were also present on the occasion. The programme commenced with the lighting of the torch which was handed over to Avani Mishra, the sports captain by the principle. This was followed by showcasing of the school’s sports activities like- march past, karate, yoga and aerobics to name a few. The children participated with a lot of enthusiasm. The tiny tots of class I and II, who participated in the aerobics, stole the show. The inauguration event culminated with a vote of thanks by our HOD sports, Mr Anand Prakash who thanked our guests and children for making this event a success.

On 5th February,2020 Rocksport activities were held for the children of class V. Children learnt how to be disciplined, active and fit while performing various activities.

Football matches were held among the boys of all the sections of class IV.The team of boys from section D were declared the winners.

Basket Ball matches were held among all the girls of class IV. The team of girls from section E and F were declared winners. The matches began with the toss of coin by the headmistress Ms. Ranjana Dean.

The races were organised simultaneously for the children of class III. The following children won the races.

Boys Md Ayan III-G Riyan III-D Nikshay III-H
Girls Ayesha III-G Roiba III-B Anika III-E

In continuation of the sports week Rocksport activities were organised for the students of class IV and class III on 10th and 11th February respectively.

The event was a great success and enjoyed by all.

Hindi Week (2019-20)

The English Word Weave Week – A Report 14th to 18th October'19

The Junior school was abuzz with the English ‘Word Weave Week’ which was celebrated from the 14th to 18th October,’19.

The aim of this event was to facilitate learning of the language through a plethora of interesting activities focusing on the four language skills…….. namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The students of classes I to V were engaged in various activities pertaining to the above mentioned skills.

Day 1 : Listening Skill

Our little learners of Class I were made to listen to a bigger word repeatedly, and asked to make as many 2 and 3 letter words as they could.

The students of Class II listened to a story on the smartboard (only audio) and wrote any 10 nouns they’d heard. They also illustrated the nouns.

The Class III students were given a sheet with two tasks…..

  • A story/passage to complete

  • A picture with missing objects.

The teacher read out aloud the text and the instructions for completing the picture.

Careful listening was stressed upon during this activity.

The students of Class IV made a card with the help of an origami sheet, after listening to the instructions on the smartboard.

An audio of the story, ‘The boy who cried wolf’, was played on the smartboard for the students of Class V.The above was listened to twice and then they were asked to answer questions based on it. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Day 2 :Speaking Skill

The Class I children did a WORD LADDER ACTIVITY, wherein the students were given the first word and they had to think and share four more words each starting with the last letter of the previous word.

They understood the phonetic sounds and also attempted to spell the words spoken.

The Class II children were engaged in a MONO-ACTING activity. Students of sections A to Dspoke and acted, emphasizing the ill-effects of junk food, whereas sections E to H enacted on SwachBharat Abhiyan.

This activity, besides increasing their knowledge, also enhanced their confidence and speaking skills.

Students of Class III dressed up/brought stick puppets to speak about their favorite character in a SHOW and TELL activity. The children very enthusiastically shared their reasons for their preference of the character they’d chosen.

This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Language occurs best when its spoken in a context and with a purpose.

To enhance their speaking skills, the students of Class IV selected a story from their textbooks and in groups enacted it out. Each child selected a character and they spoke dialogues which they’d framed themselves.

This activity facilitated in improving the collaboration and communication skills of the children.

THEATRE is an effective tool to enhance the speaking skills of children. The teachers divided the students of Class V into groups. Each group was given the task of selecting a chapter from their literature book, and enact the story giving it an interesting twist.

Post the performance/presentation, a feedback session was ensued. Finer nuances of stage performances were discussed with the students. Many groups created innovative handmade props or used material available in their surroundings to add beauty and variety to their presentations.

Day 3 :Reading Skill

Class I students played the game, WORD TWINNING. They were given a card each with a word written on it in one color. Its synonym (in another color) was with some other child. The students had to read all the cards, comprehend its meaning, and match the cards.

This activity enabled the children to learn new words and enhance their vocabulary.

A good reading skill helps to assimilate the written word. Students of Class II were given an unseen passage to comprehend and answer a few questions related to it. It was a step towards developing good reading skills in the young readers.

Children of Class III were asked to bring a short poem on ‘Festivals’, and share it with their peers. They were explained the difference of how to read prose and poetry, in terms of rhythm and intonation.

The children enjoyed the poems thoroughly.

The students of Class IV enjoyed POETRY RECITATION. They recited poems of their choice in the class. The intricacies of voice modulation, expression and intonation were explained.

To enhance the reading skills, students of Class V were asked to comprehend an interesting passage from their Cornerstone book and answer the questions. This was followed by a discussion on the following……

What does reading entail?

How does reading help to know the world better?

What are their favorite books and why?

The answers to the passage were discussed with the students. It was an enriching discussion.

Day 4 : Writing Skill

Writing is a skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text. It is a vital means of communication and holds a lot of importance inspite of advancement of technology.

To hone the writing skills of the young learners, various activities were planned.

The students of Class II wrote the ‘INTERNAL WEATHER REPORT’, wherein they were encouraged to introspect and answer the questions framed. This improved their expression in the language. It was enjoyed by all.

Students of Class III were encouraged to write ‘KANGAROO WORDS’. They had to use the letters of the word, ‘Festivals’ and form new words. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The teachers also asked some riddles and encouraged the children to frame some of their own.

To enhance the creativity skill of the students of Class IV, an interesting POSTER MAKING activity was done. They were given the option of making a poster on ‘Say no to plastic’ or ‘No cracker Diwali’.

They wrote interesting slogans on their posters on ‘Saving the Earth’, ‘Save water’, etc.

The students of Class V displayed their vivid imagination and creativity when they did one of the following activities……

  • Frame an ADVERTISEMENT selling their favorite car

  • Write an ACROSTIC POEM with the letters of their name

  • Draw a POSTER on a cracker-free Diwali, including some interesting slogans.

Day 5 :Vocabulary Building Games

Each child of Class I learnt 2 words each day of the week. They illustrated these words and wrote an example of its correct usage. By the end of the week, each child had a collection of 10 new words learnt in their personal Pictionary.

Class II enjoyed WORD GAMES like Hop Scotch on the grammar topics covered in class.

The children of Class III wrote and illustrated 4 pairs of Homophones on a cloud cut-out, along with their meanings on the reverse.

They were also taught the concept of rhyming words. They wrote words that rhymed with those given.

Class IV had fun playing Scrabble, Knots and Crosses, writing Snippets, besides listening to and singing songs.

Class V children enjoyed playing the board games they’d prepared for the Writing Skill exhibition. Writing answers to persuasive sentence starters, personal likes and dislikes, etc, was thoroughly enjoyed.

Besides the above, they played various vocabulary games, like, Scrabble, Word Search, solving Puzzles, etc.

Overall it was an enriching experience for all the young learners. Its been rightly said that, "Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about."

Its been proven that….

You learn to WRITE

better by READING.

You learn to READ

better by WRITING.

READING and WRITING work together

to improve your ability to THINK.

Number Ninjas Day 5
19th July'19

TOPIC: Scratch Your Brain

The final day of the Number Ninjas Week was executed with a variety of mental maths tricks and games. Students of classes III, IV and V were super elated to learn mental maths tricks that helped them solve mathematical questions quickly. Students of class II played 'Tambola' based on tables, whereas the tiny tots of class I played a skip counting game on the floor tiles called 'Buzz'. These mental maths tricks and games not only enhanced the focus and speed of children but also aroused their inquisitiveness for the subject.

Number Ninjas Day 4
19th July'19

Topic: Measurement

The fourth day of the maths week was based on the theme 'Measurement'. Different types of activities that provided hands on experience to the young minds were done throughout classes I to V. Students of classes I observed various objects available in class and documented their observations regarding their weight in a worksheet. Similarly , children of classes II and III measured the length of the items available in their class with a ruler and inch tapes respectively.Students of classes IV and V made varied designs using one metre string to quantify, one meter length. All the activities were executed to hone the observation that skills and creativity of our students.

Number Ninjas Day 3
18th July'19

Topic: Fun with Shapes

The third day of the maths week involved various activities using geometrical shapes. These activities provided ample opportunity to children, to explore their creativity and imagination. Students of classes I and II had fun with shapes in creating their favourite object. They pasted cut outs of different 2D shapes on an A4 size sheet to create various patterns and sceneries. Similarly, children of class 3 designed their own 'Shape- a- saurus' using these shapes. Students classes IV and V explored the concept of tessellations using cut outs of circles, squares and rectangles of the same size. Through this activity they discovered about the shapes that tessellate and the shapes that don't. They also created their own closed shapes that tessellate. Students were able to identify the differences and similarity between the basic shapes and were able to appreciate the significance of geometry in real life.

Number Ninjas Day 2
16th July'19

Topic: Symmetry-O-Mania

SYMMETRY-O-MANIA started with surfeit of activities based on symmetry, so that kids could gain extra knowledge beyond the books in the classrooms. The kids were enriched about the importance and significance of how symmetry can be integrated with arts to make it more interesting and fun. As an endeavour to enhance the kids knowledge about symmetry at different levels and to develop their cognitive and analytical skills. They were further sensitized on how to apply maths in real life and to locate symmetrical patterns around them. The kids were enlightened about the fact that maths integrated with arts builds a strong foundation and makes learning more effective and enjoyable.

Number Ninjas Day 1
15th July'19

Topic: Presentation of working models

A plethora of working models on various concepts in maths ranging from Number Systems to higher concepts like Area and Perimeter were displayed in the junior school. Students of classes III, IV an V made presentations about the working of their models. All these displays and exhibits were made by the students during their summer vacations as a part of their holiday homework.

The rest of the students of classes III, IV and V described their models/board-games according to their roll numbers in their classrooms. Each child got an opportunity to learn a variety of concepts through ‘Hands on Experience Approach’.

In classes I and II, the concept of Place Value was reinforced with the help of Place Value models. Through these activities students got a chance to internalize various concepts through experience which they would retain for life.

Wikipedia Week

In an effort to help the students to grow both on personal as well as academic level, and develop their sense of perception, understanding and analysis of situations, a Wikipedia Week was organized.

Class 1
The activities revolved around the themes of habitats of animals, famous personalities, musical instruments, shapes, transport and colours.

Class 2
tried to involve the young minds in small level research which helped them explore about the world they are a part of.

Class 3
A scrap book was maintained by the students through the entire week in which they pasted the daily news headlines, sports news and weather forecast.

Class 4
The activities revolved around many themes 1) ELECTION FEVER- wherein the students brought information about manifestos ,logos or symbols of various political parties. 2) INCREDIBLE INDIA-The teacher wrote some famous tag lines or slogans on the board related with the tourism in India.3) NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS-The children researched and found out about the nobel prize winners in various fields. Many other activities were conducted in the classroom on the same lines.

Class 5
Through this activity-filled week the learners were busy with presentations on different kinds of government- monarchy, dictatorship, democracy and other issues related to the functioning of the Government.

The Wikipedia week led to a lot of constructive learning where the students took charge of their knowledge and it was a perfect form of flip classrooms where the learners became the teachers .