Criteria for Awards

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Criteria for Academic Awards (2024-25)


Criteria for Academic Awards for the session 2020-2021

For classes I - IV: There will be no merit certificate for this session.

For class V: There will be no scholar criteria for this session.


Criteria for Academic Awards for the year 2019-2020

The criteria for being declared a SCHOLAR in class V is as follows:

Scholastic Areas

1(a) English Minimum Grade
Environmental Studies

1 (b) Minimum attendance required : 75%


Co- Scholastic Areas

Art Education: Visual and Performing Arts Minimum Grade: A
Health and Physical Education: Physical Activities


Criteria for Merit Certificate (for classes I to IV)

Merit certificate is awarded for:

Scholastic Areas Minimum Grade A1
Co- Scholastic Areas Minimum Grade A



Criteria for Academic Awards is subject to change without prior notice.