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Report Of The Seminar On Value of Play Conducted By The Toy Sector Of Ficci Held At Federation House, Tansen Marg On 12-02-20

The session helped us in understanding the various ways of creating areas (residential and in schools) into playful communities, so children live, work, play well and acquire creative and cognitive skills for 21st century. The session taught us how to work with backward communities with no easy access to play opportunities. Hon’ble Minister of State for Women and Child Development – Sushri Debasree Chaudhuri in her address spoke that PLAY should be given a Priority, be it in the physical, digital or both worlds. Free, self-directed play empowers children, so they develop confidence, autonomy and self-esteem. It helps in healthy brain development.

Dr. Shayana Chona, founder Tamana Association in her address spoke that playing helps students to develop communication skills, helps them to cope with their feelings and fears and to manage their emotional states, develops positive dispositions towards challenge, change and self-initiated learning. She truly said that we grow old because we stop playing. Games challenges for students were organized in the age group of 5-10 years where 5 students of Class IV tried their hands on various games. The students were accompanied by Ms. Roopa Arora.

Report Of The Workshop On Meri Putliyatra Held At Dps Mathura (Organised For Ece Teachers) Road On 12-02-20

The team from DPS Mathura Road comprising of Mrs. Kamna Arora , Mrs. Poonam Bhardwaj, Mr. Pradip Rakshit and Ms. Chakshu Bhardwaj was invited to conduct a workshop on “MERI PUTLIYATRA” at DPS, Mathura Road on the 9th of May,2019 under the ECE program of the DPS Society. There were around 36 teachers, from various branches of DPS all over India, who participated in the workshop.

The workshop began with an introduction to puppetry with the help of the puppet story of a crocodile who left his river as it was very polluted and he could not breathe. So he wandered into that room asking for help. All the participants promised to help him by keeping the rivers clean. This was followed by a brief talk about the benefits of puppetry and how theatre, puppetry and role play are overlapping and help to make learning permanent in children. How puppetry helps to bring out the best in shy, weak and special children was also discussed by presenting some case studies .The participants were then shown samples of different kinds of puppets made from waste material. This was a HANDS ON WORKSHOP which promoted LEARNING BY DOING. Hence they were divided into groups. Each group created a moral based story and made different kinds of puppets based on that story and finally put up a presentation. They were actually taught how to make the puppets and use them in classroom situation. The idea was to tap their creative potential.

Report of the workshop conducted By CBSE (CBP) AT Sardar Patel28th Jan 2020

The workshop in a Nutshell was comprehensive, informative and practical in nature.

It began with an introduction, followed with interactive lectures and skill stations impinging upon Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, tactics to deal with emergencies, effective transportation of amputated body parts, demonstration alike.

Key areas focused upon: Disaster Management, Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, Mental Health, Immunization, and Adolescent Health alike.

Key Take – Away: Significance of immediate interventions in case of emergencies alongside correct knowledge of the steps to be undertaken within the ‘Golden Period’.

Simple ABC techniques; Fostering reassurance, identification, call for help and support in case of a trauma. It was attended by Ms. Tapti, Counselor, Junior Wing.

Report of the workshop on Zeitgeistentwicklungen in Deutschland conducted by Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan) for the German teachers held at Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba28th Jan 2020

The workshop was conducted by Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan) for the German teachers from various Schools of Delhi. The resource person was Ms. Ulrike Behrendt. The whole programme was very well planned and implemented. It was divided into various sessions such as Trends in Language, the way of living, lifestyle, fashion, latest change in technology etc. with reference to the how things were in past, development of trends in various walks of life, New Technology for learning etc. This session was planned in an interesting way .Moreover there were many interesting games which can be easily implemented in the class. It was attended by Ms. Renu Bibra.

Report of the workshop on Prospective Resource Person Program for Library held at CBSE, COE, Patparganj23rd Jan 2020

CBSE launched the new Manual for School Library. It is prepared in the guidance of many eminent library experts and professionals. Dr.B.N. Sharma CEO, Dehradun CBSE was the programme resource person. He had been a Librarian for 20 years, and now working with CBSE at Dehradun.

Outline on the working of CBSE, its role in education system, use technology in day to day routine working of the CBSE and new apps and use of technology in conducting Examination in various parts of the country and much more about CBSE was shared.

Guiding Videos were shown(a) The Changing role of library and Librarians(b) From Isolation to Collaboration (c)Know your library guide numbers-DDC.

Discussions on the “Impact of Technology and changing trends on the existence of the school libraries and Librarianship”. Participants shared their opinions and experience on the topic.

Selection of the prospective Resource person for coming sessions were also conducted simultaneously as all the working of the participants were recorded and analyzed.

Closing ceremony was conducted in the presence of the dr. Ram Shankar , CEO CBSE(East) and Mr.J.K.Yadav Regional Officer CBSE with a group photograph and distribution of the participation certificates. It was attended by Ms. Aparna Ravi, Librarian, Junior Wing

Capacity Building Programme

Report of The Workshop on Capacity Building Programme For Classrrom Managemnt Held At D.A.V. Sector 14, Gurugram On 17-12-19 & 18-12-19

A two day workshop was conducted by CBSE as Capacity building program on the topic ‘Classroom Management’. The resource persons were Mrs. Anita Makkar and Mr. RS Srivasatava. The workshop began with ice breaking sessions of introduction and games. Importance of Classroom Management, Classroom organization and Conduct Management was discussed. Many role plays were done to look into different problems and their solutions that teachers face in classroom management. SMART Approach of classroom management i.e. Specific , Measurable, Attainable, Relevant , Time based methods should be used for outmost outputs. The role of Multiple Intelligences by Mr. Howard Gardner, Emotional intelligence and SWOT analysis was discussed. Importance of setting up rules, regulations in a classroom was discussed towards the end of session. Many videos and PPTs were shown for a comprehensive understanding of the topics.

Meaningful pedagogical practices in Mathematics

Report Of The Workshop On Meaningful Pedagogical Practices In Mathematics Held At Jodo Gyan Resource Centre, Jia Sarai, New Delhi_On 6th And 7th December, 2019

A two day workshop on meaningful pedagogical practices in Mathematics, was organized by Jodo Gyan resource persons, Mr. E.K. Shaji and Ms. Komal along with their team members. The workshop was about conducting meaningful activities in the classroom that would initiate critical thinking and problem solving abilities among children. Teachers were introduced to various mathematical kits such as Ganit mala, Fraction kits, Rangometry etc. which are developed by Jodo Gyan resource people only.

Delving Out of The Usual Zone of Comport

Report Of The Workshop On Delving Out Of The Usual Zone Of Comport Held At Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital, New Delhi On 29-11-19.

The topic of the session was delving out of the usual zone of comport interaction began with introduction by resource person Ms. Nandini Singh Chatterjee and Ms. Chitra Rao. Both have emphasized upon theme of the workshop and its objectives based on Assessment and Intervention strategies of children with dyslexia, who exhibit deficits in oral language, phonological awareness and language comprehension.

The workshop was conducted for promoting awareness towards assessment and interventions of children with special needs (Dyslexia) in an inclusive setup of schools.

Content of the workshop has delivered with the help of activities, discussion, pictorial representation and hands on experiences.

Phonics Made Easy

Report of the workshop on Phonics Made Easy held at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place on 6th December 2019

The workshop had 3 speakers talking about 3 important areas for the overall development of a child. They touched upon the progressive development of reading skills; the importance of teaching moral values through stories and it’s significance in today’s world; story telling as a powerful tool to teach life skills. The workshop was designed to unbox the gradual growth of speaking skills in a child starting from the exposure to motherese followed by the home language and swiftly moving to formal language teaching in schools.

The focus was on catering to the above mentioned areas right from the pre-primary level. They laid stress on inculcating values like sincerity, kindness, compassion in young learners for a peaceful and better future.

Story Telling

Report Of The Workshop On Story Telling As A Teaching Strategy Held At Springdales School, Pusa Road, Delhi On 6-11-19.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Roger Jenkins who is a renowned story teller from Singapore. It was attended by about 200 people from various schools of Delhi.

The workshop began with the resource person reading a story and trying to explain the difference between reading a story and telling a story. A lot happens when you tell a story as you relate with everyone around you. Then the resource person narrated a story ”The Bear Hunt” with actions and sound effects, brilliantly involving the audience /participants. This was a perfect example of how concepts of language could be taught through a story. This was followed by an activity where the participants were asked to narrate stories to their partners but changing the style after about 30 seconds. Various styles were incorporated- boring, exciting, asking questions, pretending to be a character and so on. This activity highlighted the fact that the story teller had to use the style that suited him. The resource person then discussed the benefits and need of storytelling. He emphasized on the importance of listening in storytelling. Stories have to be felt first and then told with feelings- was his take. Then the resource person discussed some important aspects of storytelling like colouring words, predicting, relating to experiences, empathising etc.

The workshop ended with the resource person telling two personal experiences in the form of a story and it left a deep impact on the participants.

Ethics & Integrity

Report of the workshop on Ethics & Integrity in Schools; S.L.S DAV Mausam Vihar, New Delhi on 25th& 26th September 2019 attended by Ms Asma Nikhat

Promoting culture of integrity and ethics in classroom among learners as well as people those who work as a team in an organization.

Developing value education among both teachers and students which leads self exploration and mutual harmony of the individuals.

Breaking mental barriers and promoting key aspects such as right conduct, right understanding and natural acceptance in our life.

Dissemination of strategies in the classroom by taking out the step towards transformation of human conduct and competence.

संस्कृत कार्यशाला प्रतिवेदन

CBSE Training Programme

Report of the workshop on CBSE Training Programme on improving access to and Use of information and communication technology (ICT) in association with Microsoft held at BLUEBELLS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ON 19TH TO 21ST SEPTEMBER 2019.

The workshop focused on how, with the help of Microsoft applications, we can digitize our classrooms and improve our teaching-learning process. Many new applications such as Microsoft One Note, Sway, Teams, Forms, Paint 3D, Power point and Skype were introduced and their educational implications were discussed. Innovative learning assessment options, such as self-made documentaries, video-logs, web conferencing etc can be introduced in class with the help of applications such as Flipgrid and Skype. Minecraft education was discussed as an interactive and imaginative tool used for teaching subjects such as chemistry, biology etc using predesigned modules. Learning using Virtual Reality tools and artificial intelligence discussed thoroughly.

Workshop on Value Education (By CBSE)

Report of the workshop on Value Education (By CBSE) held at DAV Public School Sector-14, Gurugram on 16-09-19

 “Values should not be treated as ideal concepts but as empowering tools which are helpful in meeting the challenges of the contemporary social world…….. The very nature of value education implies empowering the students with certain attitudes and skills as well as giving them the critical ability to use them in the contemporary every day world, full of myriad challenges”.
Education for values in Schools-A framework” by NCERT

A workshop on Values education by CBSE was attended by Ms.Poonam Nangia Mitra at DAV Public School,sector-14,Gurugram.The Resource Person Mrs.Tarang Gaur started the session with the participants’ introduction, which moved on to develop an understanding as to how to appreciate oneself and how important it is to do so.

The resource person emphasized on the point that value education should be used as a tool. It can not be taught but can only be inculcated through the situations deliberately planned while teaching various school subjects. Poems, stories, examples of great and noble persons, group discussions, debates, case studies , co-scholastic activities, games and sports etc are only few examples for inculcating values. So building values is an integral factor in the process of internalization of values. We learnt that the individual is the first building block of the values architecture. It is important to address a child’s physical, emotional , social and spiritual need. The second factor in inculcating values is the family which plays a crucial role in fostering values in a child. The community to which a person belongs is the third block. The society is an extended family and is the fourth building block of values. Then comes the nation which is the paramount building block of values. Lastly nations at peace comprise the building blocks of global values.

Workshop On Digital Essenstials For Teachers

Report Of The Workshop On Digital Essentials For Teachers. Held At P.P. International School, Pitampura

The workshop centered on online and offline office productivity tools and focused on the use of Google suite, OneDrive, their application and advantages.

The first day of the workshop entailed presentations and hands on activities on various softwares and web applications viz a viz Google suite and MS office suite along with the significance of plagiarism checker.

The second day session commenced with a brief introduction and discussion on exploring use of various apps and websites as well as creating different types of resources such as screen recording, using online and offline tools. The teams were challenged to perform various activities such as drafting questions for a short quiz using Google Forms and Kahoot to prepare online quiz. Hands on learning of several apps such as CamScanner, Viewpure,, Team viewer etc. were also fruitful.

Various concerns were addressed related to cybercrime and security issues. The workshop equipped us with number of perspectives on the definition and applicability of different digital media

Nutrition And Diet
September 16th 2019

Venue : KG HALL
Time : 10:30-11:30 am

The teachers of Primary wing cl: II-V, attended the workshop on Nutrition and Diet. The resource person Mrs. Leena Nagpal , dietician from Pachouli wellness clinic, the main topics covered were on harmonal Imbalance, types of diets, different detox waters and their benefits and about weight loss programs after studying the doshas of the body. It was an interesting and interactive session as the teachers put up their queries on diets and detox waters. The dietitian gave small tips to the teachers on fitness and how to distress themselves and to take care of their body, to be healthy and presentable. The resource person asked questions to the teachers on diet and nutrition during the interactions. At the end the teachers had one to one session related to their health problems and took tips how to be more active and to stay fit.

The Ultimate knowledge by TUK team
September 06th 2019

Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Venue: MPH1 (Senior School)

The ultimate knowledge is a dynamic encyclopaedia which aims to develop awareness in the minds of the children right from an early age. Across knowledge spectrums and geographical boundaries, they provide children a daily dose of knowledge in the form of impeccably written articles supplemented by illustrations and videos.

TUK brings information for the children across the following headings:-

  • Amazing technology

  • Science

  • Health

  • Inventions and discoveries

  • Travel

  • Current affairs

  • Brain teasers

  • TUK editorial

  • Glimpses of inspiration

  • General awareness

  • Operating this app is really easy and children will definitely get a little extra which they cannot get through regular academics.

Report of the workshop on Early Intervention Academic Skills held at Mira Model School, Janakpuri, Delhi
August 30th 2019

The workshop was conducted by Ms. Geetika Kapoor, Consultant, School Psychologist. It was attended by about 60 participants from various schools. It began with an interesting activity to capture the attention of all the participants. The activity focused on putting oneself in the child’s shoes to understand how it feels to be without any conceptual understanding. This helped the participants to understand the plight of the child who is not being able to cope up and prepared them for the workshop. The resource person talked about the role of teachers in the emotional, social and academic readiness of the children and how these early intervention skills can be used as diagnostic tools to detect learning disabilities. In the second phase / session, the resource person focused on the precision teaching, i.e. the methodology to be adopted for early intervention. She discussed the various steps in detail along with designing learning targets for such children which are about 30-35% of the complete group. She emphasized the need to start from basics and target children in Class I itself. In her opinion, designated, dedicated personnel were required for this specialized job. Teachers could pitch in by helping them in the follow up.

German Teachers’ Conference North India & Nepal
August 24th to 25th 2019

Venue: Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba

The workshop was conducted by Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan) for all the German teachers from North India and Nepal. It was attended by teachers from most of the parts of north India. The whole programme was very well planned and implemented. It was divided into various sessions such as-E-Portfolio im DaF-Unterricht, studium in Deutschland , New Technology for learning etc. I attended workshops such as- Klassen management, Musik in the class, Theatre in class (MIMOSEN).These sessions were planned in an interesting way .Moreover there were many interesting games which can be easily implemented in the class.

The two day programme was methodically divided into Tee/Coffee break followed by Lunch and evening Tee, to rejuvenate participants.
There were parallel workshops for all the participants in the afternoon , whereby these sessions were divided as per the choice of the teachers per session. These sessions were taken by the expert from the relevant fields.

Workshop on Kleidoscope- German language Festival at D.P.S Vasant Kunj
August 22nd 2019


Kleidoscope – a German language festival was organised at D.P.S Vasant Kunj under the aegis of DPS Society, dated-22/08/2019. German language learners of class 5 participated in the group song competition. There were five participants. There were also off line activities held at DPS VK. Three students were chosen for the ‘Wort Bilder’ activity .They made word picture on the topics-Family and House. The programme was well organised .Participants as well as teachers were given refreshments .Participation certificates were given to all the participants. Children were trained to sing german song by Ms Renu Bibra . These students are first time learners but this process of learning the song and presenting it on the stage for the first time made them more confident and created interest in them to learn the language with more enthusiasm.

Story Telling Workshop
August 06th 2019

On Tuesday, 6 August 2019 ten of our talented students from classes III and IV participated in the Story-Telling Workshop and Book Release held at INTACH, Lodhi Estate along with their teacher Ms. Enakshi Arora. There were a total of 10 schools from all over Delhi who participated in this workshop. The session was conducted by well-known Bal Sahitya Puraskar winner – Ms.Paro Anand.

The stories that were shared unveiled cultural experiences and visits to various heritage sites, offering interesting information on built, living, cultural, and natural heritage associated with each state

The session was indeed valuable and distinct. Children looked really interested and engrossed in the story of “Off we go! To Delhi, to Delhi”, To Mumbai to Mumbai and To Kolkata, To Kolkata –These short stories were told to them with creative gestures and facial expressions. The appropriate use of voice modulation and body language by Ms. Paro Anand introduced children to new horizons of storytelling.

During the session students were asked to write their own poem in a rap or rhyme about Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkatta in which Vivaan Lal of class 3rd D was declared as the one with the most original and inspiring composition. He was awarded with all the three volumes released on that day.

Overall it was an interactive session where children were taught the right way of telling the stories and gave platform to students to enhance their skills and build confidence.

Workshop On Drama In Education A Report
June 29th 2019

“Good Teaching is 1/4th preparation and 3/4th Theatre.


According to the NCF 2005 by nature children are inventive. They dramatize without adult help and experiment with ideas. A workshop on Drama in education was conducted by Dr.(Mrs) Prabhjot Kulkarni (Former Principal of Maharishi Valmiki College of Education, D.U.) for the Pre- Primary and Primary Teachers on 29th June, 2019.

Various self- analytical and reflective exercise were done to understand the significance of self - awareness through Drama..... Body, Emotions and Mind. The workshop was designed to inspire teachers to think creatively, critically and collaboratively implementing these new approaches to teaching. It was designed to provide opportunity for participants to give voice to inner self through acting with increased morale, better team spirit and enhanced self-confidence.

To conclude one can say that the workshop was a very enriching experience for all the teachers. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt finer details of dramatics and how to incorporate them into their teaching methodologies.

Workshop On Meditation And Yogic Diet By Sh. Abodh Srivastava
June 28th 2019


TIME: 8:00am to 9:00am

Our mind is like water. When it is turbulent it’s difficult to see. When it is calm, everything becomes clear. When asked what he would gain from meditation, Buddha replied, “nothing”. However he added what he had lost …anger, anxiety, depression, fear of old age and death. With this essence our resource person for today Sh. Abodh Srivastava taught us the yogic way of meditation wherein positive vibrations run through your upper body as you chant the sound of A-U-M followed by the chanting of the mantras. He further explained the benefits of a simple, non spicy yogic diet and how it enhances one’s energy and helps to nurture positivity. It was indeed an enlightening experience which left us all determined to bring about major lifestyle changes.

‘Behaviour Modification In Class Room Settings – Training The Trainers’
Resource person: Dr. Imran Noorani
June 28th 2019

Behaviour modification has been applied widely in educational settings encompassing a wide range of student populations, ages, and areas of focus. Major contributions of behaviour modification include development and evaluation of a large number of techniques with extensive classroom research. As a direct consequence of technique development, behaviour modification has provided teachers with a selection of classroom practices and information regarding their use. A Workshop was conducted by Dr Imran Noorani a well-known Child and Adolescent psychologist for teachers of the Pre Primary and Primary Wing. Dr. Noorani primarily focussed on an instructional approach to behaviour modification. It was a truly enriching learning experience for teachers, teaching them to deal with children with learning and communicative disorders effectively, the main aim being to set up each student for success. The primary takeaway from the workshop was the strong belief that there are no bad students, only a bad environment, bad thinking , bad examples and bad training- all of which change in the hands of an effective, trained and sensitive educationist. Dr Noorani’s valuable inputs in managing behavioural challenges in the classroom situation was an effective training workshop for the teachers.

Hindi Workshop
June 26th 2019

Ms Shivi Khosla and Ms Rina Yadav attended a three days workshop on “Hindi language” from 26th june'19 to 28th june'19 in HRD centre , lodhi road. There were sessions on various interesting and innovative techniques to teach Hindi .They included games, storytelling, theatre in literature by various experts like Dr.Sharda Manocha, Mr.VK Shunglu,Ms Jayanti Rangnathan, Dr Vineet Kher, Dr.Harish Sachdeva and Mr.Arvid Gaur. And Prof. Chand Saluja. And many others. These sessions were really useful and eye opening.

Capacity Building Programme
May 24th 2019

A workshop on “Capacity Building Programme for Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies” was conducted by Dr. Neha Nakra, Clinical Psychologist/ Counsellor and Ms. Mudita Yadav, Special Educator, on 23rd and 24th of May, 2019 at Balvantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan Anguridevi Shersingh Memorial Academy, Greater Kaislash-II , New Delhi. This programme was attended by Mrs. Kavita Pant (PRT) and Ms. Mandip Kohli (PRT).

It was an endeavour to help the special educators, counsellors and teachers understand the meaning of Inclusive Education in school system, different types of special needs in children and how to handle them in school.

Story Telling
May 24th 2019

Workshop On Story Telling Using Puppets And How To Make Simple Puppets

Puppets offer children an engaging way to interact and explore their knowledge and understanding of the world. When used in the classroom, these puppets can help boost creativity and stimulate the imagination of the children.

This was well demonstrated by the teachers of the Pre-Primary wing, who used puppets to narrate a story. This innate interactivity encourages the childen to be actively involved in the learning process, besides sharing their thoughts and observations.

The team of teachers of the Primary wing comprising of Ms. Kamna Arora, Ms. Poonam Bhardwaj, Ms. Chakshu Bhardwaj and Ms. Reshma Bano , taught how to use easily available articles to make puppets like stick puppets, glove puppets, using cloth pegs to make puppets etc.

Using puppets is a very effective methodology to teach language skills to our young learners.

Personality Management
May 23rd 2019

Workshop on Personality Management by Ms. Rashmi Khurana

A workshop on Appearance Management was conducted by MsRashmiKhurana on 23rd May,2019 at the Primary Wing of DPS Mathura Road. All the teachers participated in the workshop with a lot of enthusiasm. The resource person talked about how enhancing appearance effects our self confidence and creates an impression on others. She discussed ways of face shape evaluation and gave recommendations. She also gave inputs on attractive dressing as per body shape. Ways discussed to enhance the appearance through colour were very useful. The resource person also talked about the positive body language, etiquettes and creating the first impression.

Overall a very fruitful workshop which would help our teachers to dress more effectively and develop social skills to climb the ladder of success.

Let’s Get Uncomfortable
May 22nd 2019


Ms Shalini Jha
Ms Asma Nikhat
Ms Tapti Malhotra


  • Dissemination of strategies in the classroom for effective management of students.

  • Amalgamating poetry, special educational and behavioural interventions in day-day setup.


The topic for the session was delving out of the usual zone of ‘comfort’. Interaction began with an introduction by Ms Shalini Jha who emphasized upon how poetry can be bound with teaching. She shared her personal experiences alongside recited 2 poems and played a song which seemed to enhance the momentum of the session.

Ms Asma Nikhat, the special educator discussed the areas of observation for children suspected with special concerns. She focussed upon instructional planning and strategies for delivering content in a different way according to the individual needs of children.

Ms Tapti Malhotra, the counsellor highlighted upon managing triggers in children. She impinged upon practical ways to constructively channelize energy and re-direct behaviour.

All in all; the session seemed interactive, fruitful & effective.

22nd May 2019

Yoga workshop for pre primary and primary teachers

A few minutes of Yoga during the day can be a great way to get rid ofstress that accumulates daily, in both, body and the mind. Yoga postures, Pranayama and meditation are effective techniques to release stress.

Meditation is relaxation, gives calm, concentration and rejuvenates the body and mind. With this aim in mind a workshop was organised on the 22nd of May 2019, for the teachers of Primary School. The Yoga Gurus, MrAvinash and MrsKalpana Grover took yoga sessions with great dedication. The teachers participated with full interest, enthusiasm and eagerness.

Aasanas starting with warming up and stretching were followed by a series of Padmasana,, PawanMuktasana, Vajrasana, Dhanurasana, Chakrasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Bhujangasana, and ending with Shavasana. After Asanas session the teachers did the Pranayama. The session was very refreshing, reviving and relaxing.

Innovative Pedagogical Strategies
May 21st 2019

Workshop on innovative pedagogical strategies used in teaching pre-primary classes

Workshop on innovative pedagogical strategies used in teaching pre-primary classes was conducted by pre-primary teachers on 21st May ’19 at 11.30 am in class 1A.

During the workshop various creative and innovative teaching methodologies were being told by the teachers like use of place value cards, spinning wheel for teaching vowels, rhyming words etc. Flash cards to teach 3 letter words along with phonetics. Vowel pocket teaching aid was used to place different words in the appropriate pockets. Dice was being used to teach blend words as well as long and short sounds like cr, bl, tr, ee, oo, ll etc.

Hand mirror was used to make children recognise and learn body parts. Use of sand powder in a tray to make students learn different shapes and letters for better hand and eye coordination.

Video based topics were introduced along with hand puppets to make the learning more effective and meaningful. Few rhymes were being shared in a joyful manner to break the monotony of the class and also to calm down the students to maintain discipline.

Medical Emergencies
May 21st 2019

Workshop on Medical Emergencies in schools

An informative workshop on medical emergencies in schools was conducted by Dr. Ashok Gupta and his team on 21st May’19in MPH-2 (Multi Purpose Hall -2) at 8:30 a.m.

The salient features of the workshop were as to how we can deal with various medical emergencies in school, which can come up at any point of time with the students.

Some of its aspects were :

Seizures , nose bleeding, any kind of cuts or deep wounds , sudden collapse of a child, dealing with children having diabetes, child abuse, fever and any emergency while travelling in the bus, snake bite etc.

The workshop encouraged everyone to stay calm and reassure the child in case of any minor or major emergencies and various ways as to how important is first aid for any kind of emergency. The doctors also advised , how to transport the child in a safer way to the hospital and then inform the parents in case of emergencies.

It also emphasized on training the senior students and creating a school medical team. It was of great help for all the teachers and medical team.

Theatre In Education
May 20th 2019

Workshop On Theatre In Education
CONDUCTED BY: Rashmeet K. Anand

Workshop on innovative pedagogical strategies used in teaching pre-primary classes was conducted by pre-primary teachers on 21st May ’19 at 11.30 am in class 1A.

"Theatre is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances"

An interactive workshop was conducted for the teachers of the Junior School.

The workshop emphasised upon introducing theatre to children as a tool to enhance self awareness, creativity, empathy, concentration and many more varied life skills.

A plethora of theatre activities were conducted, while actively involving all the teachers. It was a joy to see all the participants taking keen interest in the various activities.

The focus was on introducing theatre as a scaffold in the classroom. Such that children are more actively involved and are able to value theatre as an art rather than only a performance on stage.

Workshop ”Meri Putliyatra” Held At Hrd Centre, Lodhi Road
9th May 2019

The team from DPS Mathura Road comprising of Mrs.KamnaArora ,Mrs.Poonam Bhardwaj, Mr.PradipRakshit and Ms.Chakshu Bhardwaj was invited to conduct a workshop on “MERI PUTLIYATRA” at the HRD Centre , Lodhi Road on the 9th of May,2019 under the ECE programme of the DPS Society. There were around 35 teachers, from various branches of DPS all over India, who participated in the workshop.

Story Telling Session
9th May 2019

Stories nurture imagination and foster creativity.

Storytelling is the most fun-loving and effective way to inspire, motivate and teach. Driven by this belief a story telling workshop was organised “for the children of classes IV and V by Ms.Nupur Aggarwal of ‘Storywallahs’ from Bangalore and Hyderabad “ Once Upon A Time “. Children were entertained by motivational stories which were value based and the idea was to spread love, peace and harmony among the people. It was indeed a fun-filled learning opportunity for all.

Japanese style group learning programme
20th May 2019

A workshop was organized for the parents on 20th May, 2019 by Shin Edupower Pvt. Ltd. in the MPH-II where Mr. Takehiro Nakamura explained the parents about how to establish strong fundamentals of children. They introduced unique group learning methodologies with various hands-on activities related to mathematics. The focus of these activities was to enhance multiple abilities of children such as thinking ability, memory, creativity, innovativeness and imagination. It was liked and appreciated by all the parents and the activities were also enjoyed by the students.

Archive 2018-19

Workshops 2018-19

An interactive session was carried out for the teachers of Pre-school, Pre-Primary and Grade 1. The prime objective of the session was to encourage an open-ended discussion among the teachers and attain a better insight into the presenting concerns.

The session offered a platform for free expression and encouraged the teachers to share one-one cases.

Plausible accommodations and modifications were discussed and the doubts were clarified.

Mrs Rani Kumari , Ms Shivi Khosla , Mr Pradeep Rakshit and Ms Chakshu Bhardwaj went on May 7,2018 to the HRD centre,Delhi Public School, Dwarka to conduct a puppetry workshop “Meri Putul Yatra.

Ramneek Wig is an author and Gold Medalist in Yoga and Naturopathy. Ramneek Wig suffered from cancer three times. He conducted a workshop on Pranayam on 24-5-18

Another Workshop on ‘Food Therapy’ was also conducted by Mr. Ramneek Wig on 28th June 2018. He began with a very interesting remark –‘Whether you have brittle bones, high blood pressure or stubborn fat, forget the medicines and head for the kitchen!’

‘Food could be the answer’, says Ramneek Wig, a well known author and gold medalist in Yoga and Naturopathy.

It was certainly an eye opener for the teachers as it helped them understand how food can help in the treatment of problems like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes , depression, liver disorders, sinusitis and obesity.

Ms. Aditi Kaul , Coordinator Arts Based Therapist and Counselling Psychologist & Ms. Rashmi Singh Counselling Psychologist at Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, conducted a much needed workshop on weaving skills through tales and stories on 23rd May 2018

An interactive workshop on diary entry and creative writing was held on August 18,2018 by the Headmistress, Mrs Anju Sharma and Mrs. Poonam Maira, English teacher, to promote effective learning in the classroom. They shared new techniques and explained how to optimally use teaching aids.

On 23rd August ’18, Ms Shivi Khosla and Ms Navpreet Sahota attended a workshop on “Handwriting” at HRD centre, Lodhi Road. Dr. Sharda Manocha commenced the session with a set of activities, followed by an inaugural session by Dr. Vineeta Kher and Dr.Harish Sachdeva. The first session was taken by Mr. Mohan Ray on “rapport with handwriting” where he enlightened the audience about the importance of legible handwriting.

Dr. Narendra Prabhuda and Mrs. Rina Yadav attended a workshop on 25th August 2018 at St. Columba's School that dealt with various aspects of Hindi language teaching (speaking and listening skills in real life situations, writing for communicative purposes and reading texts).

Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu Director & Head – IVF, Max Super Speciality Hospital conducted a workshop on “Personal Hygiene and Preventive Care” for teachers on 18th September 2018.

In her session she focused on understanding of reproductive endocrinology and the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene and illustrated the importance of comprehensive cleaning to maintain a good health. Personal hygiene is as simple as hand washing which can reduce a plethora of illnesses, infections, and disorders. It was a much needed awareness session - highly informative and beneficial.

A workshop on Storytelling as a strategy or methodology for teaching was conducted by Ms. Poonam Nangia Mitra on 12th October 2018.