Notice Board

February 2024

DATE: 23rd February 2024
TIME: 09:00 am
VENUE: Multi-Purpose Hall Primary Wing

The combined assembly of Class I-G and I-H was on the topic ‘spring season’. The event commenced with a heart-touching performance by the choir students, captivating the audience with their rendition of the song ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful.’ Subsequently, the morning assembly began with an insightful ‘Thought for the Day’ and a concise update on the latest news. Then, children presented the various changes that spring brings - the change in nature, the festivals celebrated in spring, different kinds of fruits and vegetables eaten during this time, and the period in school when students appear for exams and gear up for the upcoming session. The importance of spring in our lives was showcased by the children. A beautiful dance performance by the little students was also included. The assembly concluded with motivating words and appreciation from the Headmistress.

DATE:- 16.2.24
TIME:- 7:35 am to 7:45 am

The combined assembly of class III-G and H was on the topic “winter season”. The event commenced with a heart- touching performance by the choir students, captivating the audience with their performance of the song ‘KINDNESS’. Subsequently, the morning assembly began with an insightful ‘Thought for the Day’ and a concise update on the latest news. The students of III H enacted on the topic Kindness. Thereafter a beautiful dance performance was put up by the students of III G on winters. The assembly concluded by the motivating words and appreciation from the Headmistress.

January 2024

An assembly was organized by Classes II G and H on 19.01.24 on the theme Harvest Festivals in the MPH. The assembly began with a prayer song emphasizing the importance of gratitude. Students were dressed in colourful traditional attire. They shared interesting facts and stories about various harvest festivals of India, highlighting the customs, traditions, and special foods associated with them. The students' enthusiasm and confidence was commendable as they performed with great enthusiasm. A group dance on a popular Lohri song, added to the festive atmosphere. The assembly successfully fostered a sense of appreciation for the harvest season and the importance of coming together as a community.


3rd Prabhjot Baruah Memorial Inter-School English Debate Event Report

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it” – Joseph Joubert

The 3rd Prabhjot Baruah Memorial Inter-School English Debate Competition was held on the 23rd of September, 2022 at DPS Mathura Road. The event commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Vice Principal- Administration, Mr. Naveen Kumar, Vice Principal- Academics, Ms. Inderjeet Kaur, and Vice Principal- Academics, Ms. Monica Sahni. They were joined by the esteemed judges for the event, Ms. Rajdipa Behura and Ms. Syedah Fawzia Nadeem and the Chairperson for the event, Ms. Fauzia Umar, along with the Parent Reps. The event began with a melodious performance by the school choir that cheered up the participants. VicePrincipal-Academics-Ms. Monica Sahni welcomed the participating teams and encouraged them to present their views confidently. After the welcome address, the Headmistress - Ms. Ranjana Dean, introduced the judges for the event and extended a special vote of thanks to Mr. Sanjeev Baruah, husband of Late Ms. Prabhjot Baruah, for taking out time to be a part of the event. The debate was initiated by Ms. Fauzia Umar as she read out the rules of the debate to the participants and wished them luck. All the participants presented their opinions passionately and gave thought-provoking examples on the topic for the debate –‘Appearances are Deceptive’. After each participant had presented his/her views, it was time to wait for the results. A foot-tapping dance performance by the Primary Wing Dance Team enthralled the audience. The results were announced shortly after the performances. Om Nagpal from DPS Mathura Road won the Prabhjot Baruah Award for the Best Orator. DPS International, Saket emerged as the overall winner and received the Rolling Trophy. The event ended with a Vote of Thanks rendered by Ms. Kamna Arora, Academic Coordinator (Primary Wing) followed by the National Anthem.

Class Assembly of II-E and II-F

A very informative assembly was presented by the children of classes II-E and II-F on the topic “Winter”. The assembly began with a melodious choir followed by the thought for the day and the news. The skit thereafter was enjoyed by all. The assembly concluded with the dance on a foot tapping song which was the cherry on the cake.

Class Assembly by III-E and III-F

On 25th November, students of Grade III-E and F were all dressed up to present the assembly on the theme- Gurupurab and Id- ul- Milad. The assembly commenced with the prayer, followed by a thought and news. Further, students talked about preaching of Sikhism and Islamism. Students shared how they celebrate two festivals. The assembly ended with a Qawwali and Bhangra dance which reflected the fusion of two cultures and highlighted the quote “Unity in Diversity” of our country.

The assembly was much appreciated by the coordinator ma’am and enjoyed by all the students of class- III.

Class Assembly- III-A and III-D

An assembly was presented by classes III-A and III-D on 23-08-19 on the theme “Religious Festivals” to show the diversity of our Indian culture. The assembly started with a choir emphasising the presence of God in and around us followed by a colourful and engaging play depicting the various phases of Lord Krishna. There were also two foot-tapping numbers presented by the team of our talented dancers. The importance of Raksha bandhan and Eid were also highlighted. The event was successfully concluded with an interactive discussion on the topic by the headmistress, Mrs. Ranjana Dean.

Assembly Report Class IV-A and IV-D

Classes IV-A And IV-D Presented An Assembly On 26th July.

The Kids Presented A Colourful Show .The Main Highlights Of The Assembly Were:

  • Choir On " Save The Earth ...A Promise."

  • Thought For Day Was On "The Importance Of Trees."

  • Current Affairs - News

  • Skit On Conservation Of Trees.

  • Points How To Conserve Our Environment.

  • Poem On Conservation In Sanskrit.

  • Tik-Tok Dance "To Stop Use Of Plastic."

The kids were informed about the importance of Conservation Day. As an endeavour to enhance the kids knowledge about the need to keep our environment clean and to be healthy. The kids were further sensitized on how to preserve the nature and how we can keep our city clean. The kids were enlightened about the fact that we have to conserve nature and in order to lead a healthy life...we must exercise and do yoga daily. The kids were further nurtured to create an awareness and to develop them to be good citizens and moreover to become critical , ethical thinkers for life-long.

Report of Class Assembly I-A and I-D

TOPICS- Summer Season and World Population Day

Class I-A and class I-D presented their class assembly on 23rd July 2019 in KG Hall with an enthralling performance. The topic for the assembly was Summer Season and World Population Day. The assembly started with a soothing prayer. “God will make a way where there seems to be no way, he comes in ways we cannot see, he will make a way for me” presented by I-A and I-D. The assembly was conducted with utmost confidence by excellent orators Vir Chadhha, Shourya and Mysha. The prayer was followed by thought for the day by Agamya from class I-A. A short poem on summer season was thereafter presented by Vedansh Kharbanda and Arnav Mandola of class I-D enlightening the specialities of summer season. Avyukt and Hamdan of class I-D spoke about World Population Day which is celebrated every year on 11th July and it’s significance to save the world from the adversities of alarming enlarging population. A beautiful, colourful musical skit was presented by class I-A titled Summer Travel Diaries signifying how children belonging to different cultures had spent their summer vacation travelling to different parts of India and abroad. And at last was a peppy, rocking dance performance by children of class I-D on the dance number “Feeling Hot Hot Hot…” The assembly was extremely appreciated by the headmistress.

Report of Class-II A and C Assembly

On 22nd of July 2019 the class assembly on the theme ‘RAINY SEASON’ began with the greetings to all , a Prayer and a Choir .

It was followed by a thought on the theme. The anchors Meenakshi and Ameer highlighted the importance of rain water harvesting followed by a dance song ‘CATCH THE FALLING RAINDROPS IN TANKS AND BUCKETS’ on Rain water harvesting which brought out the concerns for the environment and the state it is in. The song tried to give the message how it will help our kids to care for the environment and save rain water.

Children with the help of placards showed and spoke about the idioms and phrases related to the rain with the meaning and usage.

Finally the assembly ended with a colorful and vibrant dance on the theme ‘ GHANANANA GHANNANA….’ of the movie Lagaan.

Class Assembly (IV B and IV C)

A combined assembly was held by class IV B and IV C on 12th April with 100% participation. The topic was Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as his birthday falls on 14th April. The assembly started with choir, a prayer followed by a positive thought for the day and latest news. The children presented some facts on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The assembly concluded with a dance on the song- Budham Sharnam and another one on Summer holidays.

Class Assembly (II B and II C)

On 22nd April, 2019 classes II B and II D presented an assembly on the theme "Earth Day". The assembly started with a song - 'we are in it together' sung by the students with a lot of enthusiasm. It was followed by the news and a beautiful thought on the dream of saving our beloved planet and a short skit was presented to explain the importance of becoming responsible towards our Mother Earth.

Class Assembly (III B and III C)

A beautiful assembly on the theme of “The World Heritage “on 26th April,19.

Class Assembly (I B and I C)

“Childhood means simplicity, look at the world through a child’s eye – it is very beautiful” - KailashSatyarthi

In our busy day-to-day schedules, we often forget to take out time for ourselves and to cherish the company of family and friends. The assembly of class 1-b and 1-c aimed to transport us all to a time, where every day is a celebration – our childhood! The assembly began with a beautiful song about spreading happiness, sung by the choir. Following this heartwarming song was the thought of the day, which highlighted the theme of the assembly, and the daily news. Shortly after this, the compares took over and set the stage for the upcoming delight – a play, on childhood! The plot revolved around a little girl, Siya and her grandmother. The conversations between these two adorable characters soon lead us into a dream sequence where granny is dreaming about her childhood and how she used to have fun with family and friends. After flipping through granny’s nostalgic childhood memories, the assembly is concluded with a power-packed dance performance by the girls from both classes. The assembly was enjoyed by one and all. In spite of a few occasional hiccups, the assembly was successful in delivering its message.


The new session 2018-2019 began with great enthusiasm on 2nd April 2018 with a plethora of events and activities as planned.

"Each season is a new beginning, a new way of thinking. Hope is perched on every branch; dreams are whispered in the wind, nature hears our call." --- Jane Dalton

A welcome assembly was held on April 3, 2018 in the PT ground. The Headmistress gave a warm welcome to all the children to their new classes and announced the names of the students council (2018-19)

A combined assembly was held on April 6 by classes 5 B and 5 C on the theme “World Health Day”. The students shared the true meaning of good health by presenting some do’s and don’ts on placards.

A combined assembly of classes IV B and IV C was held on April 11 in the M.P.H. The children paid homage to Dr, B.R.Ambedkar , the first law minister of independent India and the pioneer architect of the Constitution of India, by presenting some facts and achievements of him

A short assembly on ‘our heritage’ was presented on April 18 by the students of class III-B and III-C, where the students showcased the importance of keeping our monuments neat and clean by not throwing the garbage around and not writing on the walls.

On 21st April 2018 Saturday the Junior wing celebrated Earth Day.

The students of class I and II made paper plate – Earth day craft.

An Assembly was conducted on the occasion of Earth Day on April 23 led by the students of 2-B and 2-C to demonstrate the support and concern for Environmental protection.

The assembly concluded with the address by our Headmistress, Mrs. Anju Sharma who motivated and enriched the young minds about the ways in which each one could contribute to safeguard the Planet Earth.

The class assembly of class I-B and I-C was held May 2 on “Being A Child”

A colourful class assembly based on the theme, “ Summer Time was presented by the students of class II-A. The students gave useful tips on how to beat the heat.

Classes 1A & 1D had their colourful assembly on the topic -summer season on July 11.

Classes 2A and 2D conducted an assembly on the theme "RAINY SEASON” on July 23.

Classes V-A and V-D presented their joint class assembly on August 6 on ‘Patriotism’

Class III A and D conducted their class assembly August 20 on the theme ‘SWACHH BHARAT MISSION’.

Classes I-E and I-F jointly presented a spectacular assembly on Janamashtami on August 29.