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March 2024

As per CBSE Circular Acad-18/2024, the students of class V of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road participated in the International Letter Writing Competition held by Universal Postal Union (UPU) 2024.

The purpose of this competition is primarily to develop faculty in composition and subtlety of thought amongst the young people and to contribute to the strengthening of international; friendship.

The students enthusiastically participated with immense dedication.

Entries of two students were shortlisted. The names of the students are:

1. Kaveri Kumari – Class: VH
Admn. No: 19278

2. Sana Suri – Class: VH
Admn. No: 17142

January 2024


15.1.24- 19.1.24 DOE Circular F. No.DE40(6)/90/scb/2023/942-948

Quiz on Water Pollution (Class I and II)

There was a talk by the teacher on the theme of Water Pollution (covering the topic-not to pour fat and grease down the drain and how to dispose of waste properly). Post discussion children participated in a Class Quiz on the same topic. It was an enriching learning experience for the children and they participated very enthusiastically.

Poster on Water Pollution (Class III and IV)

Children made a poster on the theme of Water Pollution. An explanation about the rising level of water pollution was also given by the teacher followed by class discussion.

Quiz on Water Pollution (Class V)

There was a talk by the teacher on the theme of Water Pollution (covering the topic-how to dispose of the toxic chemicals, medical waste properly). Post discussion children participated enthusiastically in a Class Quiz on the same topic.

Report on Subject: Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan

Circular No: Acad-06/2024
Date: 16.01.2024
Classes: I to V

As per the CBSE circular 06, the children of class I to V from Delhi Public School, Mathura Road took part in the Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan.The circular was shared with all the teachers who further shared the required information with the students. The students participated in the following activities:-

1) Discussion by the class teachers on importance of healthy life and living. The teachers also discussed about saying no to drugs and addiction and practicing healthy lifestyle.

2) All the students of classes I to V participated in a Quiz on healthy lifestyle and practiced Yogasanas in their Physical education period.

Report on Celebration of Makar Sankranti on 14th–15th January 2024

Circular No: Acad-05/2024

Date: 16.01.2024

Classes: I to V

As per the CBSE circular 05, the children of classes I to V from Delhi Public School, Mathura Road took part in the Celebration of Makar Sankranti. The circular was shared with all the teachers who further shared the required information with the students. The students participated in the following activities

1)Intra-section Art Competition for classes I to V was held where students presented their creative ideas on paper

2) The class teachers spoke about the importance of Makar Sankranti, a festival that marks the transition of the sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn (Makara) and is celebrated across nation under various names. This marks the success of Aaditya mission which serves as a testament to our nation’s commitment to exploring the depths of our solar system’s core, aiming for the advancement and benefit of humanity at large.

3. All the students of classes III to V participated in the essay writing in their Hindi period on the topic:- Significance of Makar Sankranti(in Hindi)



Date: 08.01.2024 Circular No: Acad-04/2024

Subject: Celebrating ‘National Youth Day’

As directed by CBSE, 12th January 2024 was celebrated as ‘National Youth Day’ at DPS Mathura Road, a plethora of activities was carried out on the birthday of Swami Vivekananda.

1. Speaking Activity was conducted in grade V where students spoke about Youth Empowerment and the theme for ‘National Youth Day’ this year- ‘It’s all in the mind’

2. Marathon run- The day encourages people of the country to learn from Vivekananda’s life and values. It inspires them to be responsible citizens, help others, and work towards making their country better.

The students of class 2 participated in a Marathon Run to encourage and support the youth of today to be fit and healthy.

3. Yoga-cum-meditation-The topic "It's all in the Mind" was given to the students who spoke on the same for 2-3 minutes. A presentation on the life of Swami Vivekananda was shown to the students from which they learnt many morals. Meditation session was held in the class with all the students which was very interesting as it was done with sound effects on the screen. All the students felt very relaxed at the end.

4. Music competition – Students were encouraged to learn from Swami Vivekananda’s life and values. The students presented a song on youth empowerment.


Classes I and IV

On November 8th, 2023, Class I conducted the Anuvadini activity in the activity period in the online class on the theme 'VALUES /PROVERBS’ (CBSE Cir.No. Acad-114/2023).

The National Education Policy 2020, lays emphasis on promoting multilingualism as a path to realising the fundamental aims of education and schooling. Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat helped the students understand the underlying oneness of India’s linguistic diversity. Teachers held a discussion with the students on these values in the online class. The students were asked to translate the given value in Marathi using ANUVADINI an AI based translation tool for Indian languages, developed by the AICTE-All INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION. The students then wrote these values on a colourful sheet.

DOE CIRCULAR F. NO.DE40(6)/90/SCB/2023/942-948


DATE: 27.11.23-1.12.23

Classes I and II

Quiz on Air Pollution- Students watched You Tube video on ‘Air Pollution’ followed by a discussion. The students then participated in a class Quiz on the topic ‘Air pollution’.

Classes III and IV

Quiz on Water Pollution- Students read an article on ‘Water Pollution’ followed by an interactive session on the same in the class.

Class V

Guided Essay Writing- Students wrote a guided essay on ‘Role of students in protecting Environment’.



As per the guidelines by the Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, Government of India, ‘Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav’ with the theme, ‘भाषाएँ अनेक, भाव एक’ , a metalinguistic programme was initiated at DPS, Mathura Road to promote language learning through the use of regional languages and technology. Under the theme-‘Reading and Expression’ students were shown the famous Marathi stories by their class teacher on the smart board. They were then asked to express the meaning of the story in ‘English’ or ‘Hindi’. The teacher initiated discussion and showed the story’s English translation.


DATE: 12.12.23

The class teachers showed a video on Subramania Bharthi’s life. Teachers had a detailed discussion and then students were asked to write a paragraph on it in the ‘Activity File’. With this activity, the language programme- ‘Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav’ came to its successful conclusion.



The activity was conducted with the purpose of enlightening the students with the basic information about Maithili language. The children dressed up in traditional saree/dhoti kurta from the region ( Bihar). Students spoke about the basic script used in Maithili. They also talked about the states it is spoken in. A brief insight was also given regarding its use in scriptures.


DATEE: 13.12.23

Students of classes IV and V were given information about Malayalam language and the regions where it is spoken. The language has major influence from our ancient language –Sanskrit. Students made informative collages on the language and presented them in the class.


Reference to F.No. DE.40(6)/Sc.Br./Mise./2023-24/811-816

Ministry of Power. Govt. of India in association with Bureau of Energy Efficiency organised a Painting competition was organized all over India for students of Classes V, VI, VII (Group A) and VIII,IX, X (Group B) as part of the National Campaign on Energy Conservation during the month of October- November 2023.

The Competition aimed at sensitizing the students on the need for ‘Energy Conservation’ and ‘Energy Efficiency’.

The topics for the competition were ‘LIFE - Lifestyle for Environment’ and ‘We Are Pro-Planet People’.

Artwork by Mysha Shah of V-G on the theme was selected as the best entry in Group A and was uploaded on the Bureau of Energy Efficiency’s website for a further selection for the State Level Competition.


With reference to the CBSE Circular number130, Fit India School Week- a flagship programme to encourage fitness sports among students, various activities were organized from 4 December 2023 to 8 December 2023 at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road.

The Physical Education teachers planned and conducted the following activities in the school premises.

1. PT teachers conducted PT activities in their respective PT periods as per the table given below.

2. All teachers and the students took Fitness Pledge.

3. Fitness Assessment was taken through mobile application by all the teachers from classes I to V.

4. Poster making on any one YOGA ASANAS under the supervision of a was conducted for the students of classes I to V on the theme Yoga.

Total Number of students who participated in the following activities:-

a) Indigenous games :- 280

b) Races :- 200

c) Aerobics:- 230

d) Yoga:- 220

e) Mass PT:- 250

7) Fitness Pledge Participant’s number

Class I to V

No of students:-1216
No. of teachers 48 

Day/Date Event

04 December ‘23

 Mass PT for Class IV 

05 December ‘23

 Yoga and Meditation for Class V  

06 December ‘23

Indigenous games of India for Class II

07 December ‘23

Races for Class I 

08 December ‘21

Aerobics for Class III (Ms. Yogita)


All the students actively participated in the Fit India School Week (4 December 2023 to 8 December 2023)


DATE: 23.12.2023

The school organized a Story Writing Competition as part of the CBSE Budding Authors Programme 2023-24 in accordance with the CBSE circular no: Acad-99/2023. The students were given a stipulated time to complete their story. The rules of the competition were made clear to the students where they had to present their original work and plagiarism was strictly prohibited. Students wrote a story with their own imagination.


DATE: 21.12.2023

As per CBSE Circular No: Acad-138/2023 ,the Government of India vide Ministry of Home Affairs decided to commemorate 26th December as "Veer Baal Diwas"

Interactive and participative programs were conducted at Delhi Public school Mathura Road to educate the students about the story of the exemplary courage of the Sahibzade Zorawar Singh and Sahibzada Fateh Singh. An Informative video was shown to the students followed by a discussion. Students shared their ideas of how they had contributed to the society and to the betterment of mankind.

The activity was conducted across the entire grade from classes I to V. The total number of students who participated were 1430.


DE.4/Sr. Br.40(6)/Sr.Br./Misc./2023- 24/283-87

DATE: 26.12.23-29.12.23

The journey of Chandrayan -3 is not only unprecedented but also encapsulates within itself -grit, scientific temper, curiosity, problem solving and creativity – qualities that education across grades strives to instil and achieve. A quiz on the successful launching of Chandrayan-3 followed by a discussion was taken up in the classes. Students showed great interest in participating in the quiz and actively indulged in class discussions.


DATE: 07.12.23

Reference to CBSE Circular Acad- 133/2023

The Third CBSE expression series for the session 2023-24 was conducted on 7 December, 2023 in the school for students of classes III to V. The topics for this series were ‘Save Water in Daily Use’ and ‘Rescue and Relief of any Disaster.’

The students effectively used their artistic skills to create informative artworks on creating awareness about using water and natural resources judiciously and also on relief work undertaken by disaster management authority, government, armed forces and public during a natural disaster.

Artwork by Aarshia Aadhrann of Class V- E was selected as the best entry in the Primary Category and was uploaded on the CBSE Expression Series portal to represent the school. She was issued a certificate for the same by CBSE.

Makar Sankranti Activity

Veer Baal Diwasa

Reading and Expression- Marathi Bhasha

Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav- Maithili Bhasha

Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav- Subramanyam Bharathi

Bhartiya bhasha Utsav- Malyali Bhasha

CBSE Circular 36-Mission Lifestyle for Environment (05 June 2023)
World Environment Day

The World Environment Day on 5 June 2023 focused on solutions to plastic pollution under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution Class I- Grow Your Own Plant. The students were given instructions to grow a plant at home, observe its growth, and keep a record of it.

Class II- Best Out of Waste. The students were able to create a practical craft item using waste materials and plastic found at home.

Class III- Be a Bird Watcher

The students were given the task of identifying birds by listening to their calls and spotting them outdoors. They then selected four birds and pasted their pictures, along with information about their names, eating habits, and nesting habits. Additionally, they wrote about ways to protect and preserve these birds.

Class IV- Save Water Save Life.

The students conducted interviews with two of their neighbor’s regarding water scarcity. They inquired about their methods for conserving water and how they utilize it wisely.

Class V- Save Wildlife to Save the World. The students were urged to locate and label three national parks and wildlife sanctuaries on the map of India, in addition to writing about the reasons behind the establishment of wildlife sanctuaries.

Circular No: Acad-81/2023 ‘Tribal Empowerment’ under the aegis of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Celebrations (27 July- 8 August 2023)

Activities aimed at raising awareness among students about the diverse tribal culture of India were organized under Circular 81 as part of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations, which commemorates 75 years of India's Independence and its rich history, achievements, and people. Classes I - V organized class exhibitions under the theme of "Tribal Empowerment”, a wide range of activities such as talent search, assemblies, quizzes, essay writing, painting, tribal dance, tree plantation, and tribal sports were organised. For class display each grade chose different tribes from across India and exhibited the culture, jewellery, handicrafts, sports, and attire of the Andamanese tribe, Munda tribe, Sumi tribe, Bhil tribe, Gond tribe, Santhal, Bodo tribe, and Lepcha.

Anuvadini Activity -circular 114

Unity Run

Swacctha Pakhwad

Circular No: Acad-85/2023 (Sensitisation campaign for schools and students on the environmental concerns


Har Ghar Tiranga


Sub : ‘Children Sports Festival’ to be observed under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav – reg.


Children Sports Festival organized from 25.04.2023 to 27.04.2023 with the following Activities:-

TUG O War for class 4 and 5

A contest in which two teams pull at opposite ends of a rope until one drags the other over a central line. All the students of grade 4 and 5 actively participated in this event and had great fun. Th students not only learnt sportsman spirit but also learnt that winning as a team is equally important as winning individually.


Racing is a competition of speed, in which competitors try to complete a given task in the shortest amount of time. The students participated whole heartedly and discovered the strengths within themselves. They showed healthy competitive skills and learnt the importance of inner strength.

Children Sports Festival


Pre-Primary wing celebrated the three days "Children Sports Festival" under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav 2023 with full enthusiasm beginning from 24.04.2023 Monday to 27.04.2023 Thursday. Sporting activities, exercise, and recreational games are very important for the physical health and mental wellbeing of children. "The Children Sports Festival is a platform for students to showcase their skills, talents, to know their strengths and weaknesses”. Children were advised to show good sportsmanship while participating in the games. During the three days sports festival, children of “DPS Mathura Road” participated in various games including 100-meter race, Relay Race, Tug of war, Dodge ball, Basketball, Football and KhoKho. The first day of the festival in the Pre-Primary Wing started off in full swing with games and sports activities. The 4-year-olds really enjoyed, and the winners were appreciated and applauded for their achievements. The games helped the little ones in coordination and building motor skills. Sharing reference pictures of all the games and sports activities performed by children of Pre-Primary Wing.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

As per CBSE circular 130

Sub : ‘Unity Run’ on Rashtriya Ekta Divas (National Unity Day)

The Rashtriya Ekta Divas (National Unity Day) was observed on 31st October as every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. It not only commemorates the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, but also reaffirms the inherent strength and resilience of our people to withstand threats to the security, unity and integrity of the country.

This year, to mark the occasion in a befitting manner some proposed events were organised in the Primary Wing for the students on 31st November,2022.

    Students took pledge on ‘Rashtriya Ekta Divas’ in the HR period.

  • The students watched the digital exhibition titled ‘Sardar Patel – The Architect of Unification’.

  • Unity Run was held in the PT ground in which all the children participate.

CBSE Expression Series

Poshan Maah And Pakhwada

To observe the Poshan Maah and Pakhwada 2022 all the students of primary wing took a pledge reflecting the spirit of Bacha and Shiksha. Along with this, students of class 4 wrote slogans and class 5 created posters on the topic: POSHAN BHI PADHAI BHI.

Hand washing and hygiene for preventing diarrhea

As per the DOE circular Sub : Importance of hand washing and hygiene for preventing diarrhea

A number of activities were performed by the students of the Primary wing. Children were made aware that hand washing is an important process for removing or reducing the number of micro-organisms from their hand. This in turn will reduce the potential transmission of micro-organisms directly or to the surfaces where they can be picked up by others.

Har Ghar Tiranga

As part of CBSE Circular No. 08/2022

Sub: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Independence Day Celebrations in all the schools/colleges/Educational Institutions across the country-reg.

The Independence Day, 2022 is being celebrated under the broader ambit of “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” across the country. The Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India has formulated a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Independence Day celebrations across schools/educational institutions across the country in order to have uniformity and maintain standard practices across the country while celebrating the Independence Day and thereafter.

Hence, various activities were organise in the Primary school for the children. As the country is cerebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, craft projects on completion of 75 years of Independence and prominent freedom fighter were developed. The project used some waste material and concept of waste to Best.

CBSE Expression Series on Yoga for Fitness

As part of the celebration of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM), CBSE announced the Expression Series for the session 2022-23. The theme of the Expression Series was ‘Yoga for fitness’.

This series was conducted for the students of classes 3 to 5 of our school on 25th July 2022.

Students showed an enthusiastic response and created artworks depicting various yoga poses, health benefits of yoga, yoga being performed in indoor and outdoor spaces etc.

Read and Grow

The 27thNational Reading Day was celebrated on 19th June 2022, the following week was celebrated as Reading Week and Reading Month as 'Read and Grow ' activities was celebrated from 19th June to 18th July 2022.

E -library link was shared with the children and book Reading related activities were conducted in all the classes of the primary wing which included dressing up and speaking about their favourite character and book cover designing.

International Day of Yoga 21st June 2022

As you would be aware that 21st June 2022 every year is being celebrated as International Yoga Day. Yoga is our ancient tradition and millions of people around the globe practice it as a healthy way of living. We greet you on this occasion and hope that you all continue to practice yoga for your good physical and mental health.

Wishing you and your family good health, peace, and harmony .

With reference to cbse circular number 68,the students took their yoga mats to nearby Iconic site / Historical Monument or practiced yoga asanas at their homes on 21.06.2022 on the occasion of 8th International Day of Yoga (IDY) by following due procedure and sent their pictures.

Reading Day Pledge 2022

In accordance with the CBSE Circular 61, the 27th National Reading Day was celebrated on 19th June 2022 .And this will be the followed by a Reading Week and Reading Month Activities.( 19th June to 18th July 2022 )

Here ,at DPS Mathura Road , we will celebrate Reading month by organizing online/offline activities as suggested by the P. N. Panicker Foundation.

The students from classes 1 to 5 took Reading Day Pledge and shared their pictures with their class teachers.

World Bicycle Day

International Day of Yoga 2022

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. Keeping the same zeal and enthusiasm in mind we here at DPS , Mathura Road (Junior School) organized “ International Day of Yoga” activities which were in accordance to the CBSE Circular Number 52 on 17th May,2022.

The students participated with full enthusiasm, excitement and showed great interest understanding importance of Yoga. The students of classes 1 and 2 made Yoga logo and learnt its significance ,which represents all the essentials which in turn spreads the real meaning of yoga, i.e., Union of Individual Consciousness with Universal Consciousness and classes 4 and 5 made paintings showing yoga postures.

The students of classes 1 to 5 participated in the following yoga related activities

Class I-III - Yoga Logo Making
Class IV-V - Yoga Posture Making

Expression Series Collages

National Youth Day 2022-23

Bhasha Sangam

Constitution Day 2021-22

75th year of India’s Independence

Rashtriya Poshan Maah 2021

Swachhata Pakhwada 2021-2022

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Poster Making Activity 2021-2022


International Yoga day (Yoga For Wellness) CBSE Initiative

Yoga For Wellness 2021-22

Report on International Yoga Day celebration in DPS Mathura Road

Keeping in view the spirit of yoga and its benefits , 7th International Yoga Day was celebrated online on 21st June DPS Mathura Road in compliance with the CBSE circular No Acad 35/2021 dated 27th May 2021 . An online Yoga Quiz was conducted .The junior school students participated enthusiastically in the quiz.

A seven day yoga program was organised online for both the parents and students of Class 1 to 5 from 14th June - 21st June 2021.

For teachers and staff an online Yoga workshop was conducted from 17th May to 28th May 2021.

The teachers gave an overwhelming response . Over 100 teachers participated the yoga workshop and learnt various yogasanas , pranayamas and meditation .It was an enriching experience for me .

Kalpana Grover
Yoga Teacher

CBSE Expression Series February'2021

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat programme, is an innovative measure by MHRD to celebrate Unity in diversity of our nation and maintain and strengthen the fabric of traditionally exciting bonds between the people of our country.

Our young learners and their facilitators worked with great dedication to make it a success in our school. We are proud to present a glimpse of the great work done by our enthusiastic learners, in the form of a video.

Road Safety Month'2021

Patriotic Quiz- Republic day'2021

National Youth Day Activities'2021

CBSE Expression Series December'2020

CBSE Expression Series-1 (2020-21)

Report Of The Workshop On ‘Value Education ‘ At CBSE Coe, Patpadganj, Delhi on 11-02-20

The workshop on capacity building on Value Education was held on 11thFebruary 2020 at CBSE, Centre of excellence, Delhi. The head of COE Dr.Ram Shankar inaugurated the workshop enthusiastically, He handed the mike to the resource person Dr. Annanthi Jeba singh and Ms Neera kohli. Ms Neera rightly said that morality is the differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are proper and those that are improper.

Ms Annanthi stated that the moral values are the standard by which we define right and wrong. They can come from the self, family, community, religion, government or international that influenzed the thoughts of the individuals. It was attended by Ms. Anubha Sabharwal.

Report Of The Workshop On ‘Happy Class Room ‘ At Cbse Coe, Patpadganj, Delhi on 12-02-20

The workshop on “ Happy class room “ conducted by Dr. Manisha sharma - ( Principal - Shri Venkateshwara International school ) was very relevant to be implemented in today’s class room where most of the children are coming stressed due to various social , economic and personal reasons .

The session was distributed in three parts –

  • meaning of happiness ,

  • exploring happiness and

  • strategies to bring happiness .

Dr. Manisha engaged the participants in very creative and interesting activities to make the topic more effective and enjoyable. She also made the session very interactive and informative (with reference to some books and quotes by renowned authors). It was attended by Ms. Seema Gambhir.

Report of the workshop conducted by CBSE Capacity Building Prog. on Life Skills held at D.P.S , Mathura Road on 28.01.20

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Pankaj Munjal. It gave an in depth understanding of life skills vs other skills and their role in improving and enhancing our quality of life based on thinking, emotional and social skills. It stressed on the fact that happiness is a naturally acceptable desire common to all human beings and whether we achieve it or not depends upon our competence. The problems of today’s society were highlighted and attributed to lack of competence or low competence in an individual due to various beliefs imbibed over time, one such belief was success being equated to one’s material processions. The need to include life skills in education at various levels was proposed and strategies to achieve the same were discussed. The ideas put across were supported by effective videos and power point presentation. It was attended by Ms. Anu W. Bhalla and Ms. Poonam Maira.

Celebration of Constitution Day
26th November 2019

The Preamble of the Constitution was read by the children in MPH 2 at 11.00 AM. They were explained the meaning of the same. Children also learnt about some facts related to the Constitution of India. A banner regarding Samvidhan Diwas was also put up at the venue. Children developed love and respect for the Constitution of India.

World Science Day
10th November 2019

World Science Day for Peace and Development highlighted the important role that science plays in society and was celebrated on 11th November in the school. World Science Day was proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) in 2001 and celebrated for the first time in 2002.Several activities were conducted in the school to develop the spirit of enquiry and scientific attitude in our children.EXPERIMENTS

Teachers conducted experiments with water in front of the students.-

Some substances dissolve in water.

Show and Tell- Students dressed up as scientists and talked about their discoveries, inventions, struggles etc.

150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi

A special cleanliness drive in the school was organized wherein children learnt to keep their surroundings clean. They cleaned the playground of the junior school very enthusiastically.

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

“Ek Bharat shreshtha Bharat’’ (EBSB) programme was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister on Ekta Diwas (31st October 2015) on the occasion of birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to foster national integration through a co-ordinated mutual engagement process between States, Union Territories, Central sports,Tourism and other forms of people-to-people exchanges. The objective of the activities under this will be to celebrate the Unity in Diversity of our nation. To maintain and strengthen the fabric of emotional bonds between people of our country. To showcase the rich culture, customs and traditions of either state for enabling people to understand and appreciate diversity thus fostering a sense of common identity.

Children were exposed to the alphabets, song, proverbs and 100 sentences in the languages of the partnering State/UT i.e. Sikkim.

Ekta Diwas

Celebration of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas/National Unity Day (to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.)

Fancy Dress

Around 100 children from class 1 participated in the Fancy Dress. The theme of the same was National leaders who have contributed to the National Integration. Children dressed up as various leaders like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel , Mahatma Gandhi, Dr BR Ambedkar and many more. They also spoke a few lines about the leaders very enthusiastically. Children learnt about great leaders and their contribution to the unity of this nation.


Children of class 5 participated in a dance on the theme of unity on the song “Aao hum sab haath milayen” The message of the dance was to stay together and work together as a team. Children greatly enjoyed while performing the dance.

Celebration of Constitution Day
26th Nov'2019

The Preamble of the Constitution was read by the children in MPH 2 at 11.00 AM. They were explained the meaning of the same. Children also learnt about some facts related to the Constitution of India. A banner regarding Samvidhan Diwas was also put up at the venue. Children developed love and respect for the Constitution of India.

Happy Classrooms

Report of the workshop on Happy Classrooms held at DARBARILAL DAV SCHOOL, SHALIMAR BAGH on 16-11-19


Dr. Manisha Sharma conducted a workshop on “Happy Classrooms”. She emphasised that the educator needs to be happy himself / herself to make the students happy and learning process joyful. She also threw light on importance of Emotional Quotient. Ways for emotional self-regulation were being discussed. Reasons for misbehavior of children were discussed and how to take care of them.

Art Competition (Bureau of Energy Efficiency)

An art competition was organized for the students of classes IV and V on the following topics:

  • Beware, use energy with care

  • Support “Save Energy” fight, otherwise live without light

  • Less the energy consumption, the more the money saving

  • Children made beautiful paintings to depict that energy must be saved.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Report

DPS Mathura Road Salutes the Iron Man and the Architect of Modern India, Sardar Patel.”
30th Oct'2019

Prabhat Pheri

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, the birthday of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Delhi Public School Mathura Road. The children of the Pre Primary Wing and Junior School took out a Prabhat Pheri and went all around the school premises. They tried to spread the message of unity in diversity ,Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat by singing songs, slogans and carrying placards with messages .The children also briefed everyone about the vision and contribution of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. The occasion was also an opportunity to awaken everyone about the importance of maintaining the integral strength of the nation. By remaining united we shall be able to achieve the vision of Shreshth Bharat was also stressed upon. A soulful rendition of songs by the children added to the spirit of the occasion.

No of children- PP-E28-& PP-F- 29
No of teachers-04
No of helping staff-02
Junior school children- 10

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Shapath

Children of class V gathered in the MPH-II to take the EktaShapath which was uploaded on the smart board in advance. The idea was to make them understand the concept of “unity in diversity”. They all participated with great enthusiasm and learnt to be united to be strong and for the betterment of the Nation.

No of children- V-A, B, C and D-135
No of teachers-04
No of helping staff-02

Ekta March

Ekta March was taken out by the students with great enthusiasm by the children of class V. They marched on the drum beats and learnt the coordination of mind and body by this exercise.

No of children- V-E, F, G and H-115
No of teachers-07
No of helping staff-02

Essay Writing On The Theme Of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

Children of class III participated in the essay writing activity on the theme of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. They expressed their keen interest in exploring more about the life of the great personality and his ideals.

No of children- III 230
No of teachers-10
No of helping staff-0

Poshan Maah Activities Report

Hygiene and Sanitation sessions
24th Oct'2019

The students were explained about hygiene and sanitation in the class. It is very important to keep oneself clean to be protected from diseases. Children learnt table manners and showed interest in explaining and learning new ways to keep germ free.

Exercise and fitness
23rd Oct'2019

An initiative to impart knowledge about benefits of staying fit and healthy was taken by the teachers of Primary wing in which children were explained and trained to do exercises. A yoga session was held for all the students.

Competition on nutritious recipe
22nd Oct'2019

Children were divided in five groups. Each group made a nutritious food item (non-fire) and a competition was held. The winning group explained the nutritive value of their recipe to the class.

Diversification in food habits
21st Oct'2019

Children were encouraged to bring different types of food and eat in groups. The teacher had a session with them discussing about different states and the staple food of those states. Children showed enthusiasm and took great interest in learning about the variety of food in our country. They shared their food and learnt to become good hosts too. It was enjoyed by all.

Poshan Rally
17th Oct'2019

To understand the importance of balanced diet, children made placards and wrote slogans on balanced diet. They went to all the classes and explained about it. They also spread awareness about eating food from all food groups to stay healthy.

Cultural activity
11th Oct'2019

To understand that festivals help to create strong bonds of love and faith, an assembly on festivals was presented by the students of classes V in which the message of removing evil from within was conveyed very beautifully by means of a skit. A nukkad naatak was also presented to showcase the poor conditions in which under privileged children work in pathetic conditions to make crackers. Children also conveyed that we should not burst crackers and stop air pollution. A group dance was also presented to depict the happiness during Diwali. It was enjoyed by all.

Demonstration of nutritious food recipes.
10th Oct'2019

In an initiative to understand the importance of staying healthy by eating healthy, children came up with some very nutritious recipes. They shared the same with each other in the classes and discussed the importance of having a healthy life style. They also wrote recipes of some nutritious foods and drew the pictures on an A4 sheet.

Capacity Building Programme for Hindi

Report of the workshop on Capacity Building Programme” for Hindi in Red Roses School, Palam Vihar, Gurugram on 11/10/19 and 12/10/19

Ms Rina Yadav and Ms Reetu Sirohi attended a two days’ workshop on “Capacity Building Programme” for Hindi from 11th Oct'19 to 12th Oct'19 in Red Roses School, Palam Vihar, Gurugram. On 11 th Oct'19 Dr. Shiksha opened the session with a set of activities like chain search poem. These activities served the dual purpose of introduction of all the teachers as well as served as a tool for breaking the ice .It was followed by an inaugural session where the resource persons Dr. Shiksha, Mr. Trilok Kaushik and Headmistress Ms. Seema were called to light the lamp and address the teachers. Then Dr. Shiksha told us to write a poem about your new friend as a result we knew each other and it was a new technique method to make new friend. She has given information about NCF 2005 like why syllabus is important?

Why NCERT has no specific grammar book? What are the important points of Hindi grammar? What are the different types of lesson plan? How to make class interesting with children participation? The next session was taken up by Mr. Trilok Kaushik who discussed the importance of speaking skill in learning. Again the next session was taken up by Dr. Shiksha who discussed the importance of listening skill in learning with one activity. She made the teachers realize that how listening skill is important in capacity building of a student. The final session of the day was the most interesting session as it was loaded with hands on activities. They explained about the importance of Bloom’s law in education for Hindi language development in the children. They carried out various activities which can be used by language teachers for the development of the four basic skills. At the end two teachers were read a paragraph with expression rest participant given them marks on different scale of marking. Teachers were made to understand the importance about the listening, speaking, reading and writing.

On 12th Oct’19, the day started with discussion of favourite poem, poet, writer etc. of the teachers with Mr. Trilok Kaushik. Dr. Shiksha discussed the marking scheme of class 10th Hindi ‘A’ course board test paper including literature, poem, essay writing, unseen passage, unseen poem, picture writing etc.

Mr. Trilok Kaushik explained how a learner should be treated as a friend. He also narrated a few self-composed poems and real life incidents. This was followed by a valedictory Ceremony of the participants. At the end teachers received certificates from CBSE side. It was a great learning endeavor for the teachers.

Celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Gandhi ji

DPS Mathura Road,Primary wing conducted one week intensive programme ( 23rd Sep to 3rd Oct 2019) to celebrate 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Fit India Plogging Run
2nd October, 2019

Fit India Plogging Run was organized by DPS Mathura Road on 2nd October, 2019 in which students along with the teachers walked through the nearby Nizammudinarea by walking to emphasize on keeping fit . They collected plastic waste from the streets and spread the awareness for cleanliness. The idea was to stop using plastic to save the planet Earth.

Make India Free from Single Use Plastic
3rd October, 2019

To encourage children to avoid single use plastic like plastic bottles, containers, polythene bags etc. a talk was organized for the children of class V in which they discussed about the alternatives to plastic bags. They came up with a lot of interesting ideas to replace the single use plastic bottles with metal ones and plastic bags with jute and cloth bags.

Gandhi Jayanti Special Assembly

To commemorate Gandhi Ji’s 150th Birth Anniversary , the students of classes IV-E and IV-F along with the students of Classes V-A and V-E presented a special assembly remembering Gandhi Ji’s ideals to foster his philosophy in the young minds of the present generation.

The assembly started with Gandhi Ji’s favourite bhajan ‘RaghupatiRaghav Raja Ram” which was followed by a heart-warming performance by the students of the enrichment centre who adorned Gandhi Ji’s favourite fabric-Khadi.

A Conversation with Gandhi ji in the contempory time was potrayed through a thought provoking skit. This was followed by a role play on Gandhi Ji. To reinforce the concept of “Swachh Bharat” a nukkadnatak was also presented. The assembly ended with a foot tapping performance by the budding dancers of class IV-E on the beats of the song “ Swachhtaki Jot Jagi Re”.


Children sang bhajans like “Raghupati raghav” and “Vaishnav jan ki”

Movie Show-Gandhi-My father

The children of classes IV and V were shown a movie on GANDHI -MY FATHER, the main storyline was about Life history of Mahatma Gandhi. It was an interesting movie as the children were able to co-relate the life history of Gandhi ji.The children enhanced their extra knowledge on how the freedom fighters fought against the Britishers so that India could be a free country.The teachers further explained the importance of Gandhi's principles and the sacrifices done by Gandhi ji and how Gandhi ji helped us to fight against the Britishers with Peace, Satya- graha and Non- violence to gain India's Independence with freedom movements like Dandi March, Quit India etc.The teachers further asked questions to the children on the movie and encouraged and motivated the kids to follow the principles of Gandhi ji in their life too.

Essay Writing

Essay writing on the life,principles and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi was done in class 5.

Painting Competition On The Theme -Ideals Of Mahatma Gandhi - Class 5

The students of class 5 enthusiastically participated in the painting competition conducted in our school to celebrate 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

The students created vividly illustrated artworks depicting Gandhi ji's life and ideals laid down by him. The competition thus gave them an opportunity to understand the values and principles of Gandhiji’s life.

Rangoli Making on The Ideals Of Mahatma Gandhi

Date: 25th September 2019

To mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi the students of class IV participated in a rangoli making contest.

The students participated with great zeal and created unique rangoli designs that included elements related to Bapu’s life such as Charkha, Ahimsa, Swachata, the the design of Indian flag under bapu, his three monkeys etc.

The event turned out to be a very enriching and enjoyable learning experience for all of them.

Water Conservation

On 26th September, 2019 ,Class 4 children watched videos on Water Conservation and sang water conservation song. Children were taken to the Rain Water Harvesting site in the school and explained how rain water is recharged in school. Children also went around the Junior School building and checked the leaking taps.

Yoga for Peace and Harmony

We also conducted special yoga classes for the students . On 27th Oct 2019 we organised special yoga classes for the students of class 5 . Children were taught the fundamental values of yoga like non-violence ,truth, celibacy and surrender to God .

Mahatma Gandhi also believed in the above values and practised them throughout his life .In this class we taught yogic exercises, asana, pranayama and meditation to increase physical strength and mental purity.

Skit On The Life Of Gandhiji

On the ocassion of 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi ji students of Delhi Public School(Junior Wing),standard 4th, presented a skit on the important events of Gandhiji's life from his childhood till the freedom of India on 3oth Sep,19.The students enthusiastically participated and depicted his life in a beautiful manner which was appreciated by the audience.

Bhajan Singing

A singing activity was organised by the students of class 4 on the occassion of 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi ji.The students enthusiastically recited his famous bhajans and sang melodious patriotic songs as well as bhajans which left everyone spellbound.

Swachhata Hi Seva20th, September 2019

As part of the Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign Class 4 undertook “Massive Shramdaan” on 20th September, 2019 with the main focus on “Collection of Plastic waste”.

This drive with its main focus on the collection of plastic waste aimed to create aweness for a greater impact against single use plastic and enhancing cleanliness, through the collection of plastic waste from the school premises .

As part of the Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign, the students of Class V did their bit by cleaning their immediate environment, ie, their classrooms. They used Colin liquid and dusters to clean the window panes, the smart board and tiles.

The importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness around was explained. Reasons why use of plastic bottles, bags, lunch boxes, disposable plastic cutlery, etc, should be avoided was also explained

Green School Drive6th, September 2019

Students planted saplings in the school campus with the heads.

Hand Wash Day
6th, September 2019

Students were shown videos on steps to wash hands. They brought hand sanitizers and liquid soap to school and practiced the same way as shown in the video.

Commemorating 150th Birth Anniversary Of Mahatma Gandhi ji

Shapath- 2/9/19

Children took Swachchata shapath on 2nd sep,19 ,an oath to keep their surroundings clean and take up one activity for personal/school/community/home cleanliness.

Bhajan -30/8/19

Class 1 children sang the bhajan- “Vaishnav Jan ki” in their classes and the teachers discussed the values and ideals on Mahatma Gandhi with the children . All the children participated.

Fancy dress on Mahatma Gandhi -2/9/19

Class 1 children came dressed up as Gandhiji and some other characters in his life. There was sharing of thoughts on Mahatma Gandhi and his principles.Children learnt about simple living and high thinking.

Classroom cleanliness and awareness of green/blue dustbins-3/9/19

Class 1 children participated in the cleanliness drive in which they cleaned their own classrooms with great enthusiasm. They learnt the importance of keeping the surroundings clean.

“Do it to clean it”. This is what they learnt by cleaning their desks,windows etc all by themselves.

A talk on truth and non-violence-5/9/19

Children spoke on the values and principles of Mahatma Gandhi.They expressed their views on truth and non-violence in the class.

Fit India Movement

The Prime Minister launched a nationwide Fit India Movement with a belief that it will take the country towards a healthier future. An hour long programme was telecasted which was witnessed live by all the children and the teachers. It will surely encourage everyone to lead a healthy life for making our country a healthy nation.

Meeting With Teachers Under Hubs of Learning
15th July 2019

A meeting was held under ‘The Hubs of learning’ programme on 15th July,2019 which was attended by Ms. Reema Sharma (Vice Principal), Ms. Ranjana Dean (Headmistress Primary Wing ), Ms. Bharati Joshi (Coordinator ), Ms. Vineeta Batra (Activity Incharge Primary Wing ), Ms. Charu Sood (TGT Science from Canterbury Public School) and Ms. Angelina (PRT from St. John’s Academy). Methods of planning of almanac, annual activities and examination were discussed and ideas were exchanged. The guest teachers were then escorted to MPH-II where ‘Number Ninja Week’ was being held. They were shown the working models of mathematics which impressed them a lot. Thereafter they were shown the K.G.Hall and the library. It was overall a learning experience for all.

Quami Ekta Week
19-25th November 2018

As per the guidelines of D.O.E and the Ministry of Home Affairs (G.O.I) ,DPS Mathura Road celebrated Qaumi Ekta Week from Nov 19 to Nov 25,2018. The students participated enthusiastically to make the celebration a successful endeavour. During the week, the school organised special assemblies wherein students delivered thought-provoking speeches on various topics. The speech on ‘Women Empowerment’ was very interesting. A skit presented by class 3 inspired the students to maintain harmony and unity in the country. The theme was “Let’s Tolerate and Respect Each other” thereby making students understand that for peaceful coexistence we must learn to love and respect others. The idea was to bring home the fact that all religions talk about universal values of love, charity, peace, kindness, mercy and so on.

Class 1 presented a ramp walk on the theme ‘Communal Harmony’, depicting the culture and traditions of various states thereby showing national integration.

Here the students showcased food, attire and flora and fauna from different states of India.

They made tri-colour diyas .the students were also shown various videos based on different states of India and a worksheet on the monuments of different states was also done by the students.

Our Principal, Mr.Manohar Lal presented his views on ‘National Integration and Events of Freedom Struggle’. Class 2 dressed up and spoke on ‘Different leaders of India’. Such activities sensitize the students to value brotherhood and unity. The school has been leaving no stone unturned to inculcate the feelings of patriotism in the students, training them to be good and responsible citizens.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

The primary wing celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, where the following activities were conducted:

The first step taken towards keep school clean was to promote Green India, Clean India Mission launched by the Govt. of India and September 4,2018, the mission was started with the Swachta Pledge. All the staff members and the students participated in the event.

On 1st October, 2018, the students took part in the national pledge. This pledge is an oath that we take while we live in this country. It reminds us of our responsibilities towards our country. This is essential to make the newer generation realize that India needs them more than ever before.

The students were encouraged to talk about Gandhi ji, his life, his ideals. Discussions and speeches were conducted. Videos and movies on the great mahatma were shown to the students. There was a quiz that was organized for all the classes 1- 5 on the life and philosophy of Bapuji.

Class 2 made beautiful posters on the Father of the nation and wrote some of his famous quotes. Here is a glimpse.

Class 1 was totally involved the whole day – with quiz, pledge, babuji’s three monkeys, his quotes, etc

Paryatan Parv16th to 27th September 2018

In accordance with the Parv, the following activities were conducted as a part of curriculum transaction, without breaking the daily routine:-

  • videos were shown to the students to acquaint them with the benefits of tourism apart from cultivating a touring culture and imparting up-do-date information about tourism.

  • Special Assemblies to highlight different cultures of the various states of India.
    "TOURISM IN INDIA” – a very informative assembly was conducted by class 2on 25th September 2018

It began with the prayer, followed by a talk on the importance of tourism.

The theme was well demonstrated with the help of a dance and placards. The audience enjoyed and appreciated the assembly whole heartedly. Students understood the value of Tourism in India.

The Headmistress Ms. Anju Sharma addressed the gathering and motivated the students.

Class 1 presented an assembly on 26-9-18 to mark the importance of tourism in our lives. The event began with a beautiful choir presentation by the students on the song 'GOD WILL MAKE A WAY' which resonated with the positive spirit of the Parayatan Parv. Then, the importance of Delhi tourism was discussed with the help of different poems, quotes and sayings. Further, the students showcased a presentation about various monuments of Delhi which are the major attractions for tourism. They highlighted amazing facts about Humayun's Tomb, Red Fort, India Gate and many more Monuments which outlay the importance of exploring Delhi's Tourism. The finale included a dance presentation by four girls on the famous song 'Incredible India' hence concluding the event with joy. The students performed with great confidence, enthusiasm and determination. This assembly presentation helped in inculcating interest and respect towards Delhi Tourism.

iii. Educational excursions

A total of 244 students of class III and 8 teachers visited Humayun’s Tomb on 26th September 2018 as part of ‘ Paryatan Parv’ initiated by the government of India. The trip was an enriching experience for the little ones who marveled at the beauty of the historical structure. The children were amazed to know that the structure was built roughly around 445 years ago by the wife of the great Mughal emperor Humayun. They were informed that Hamida Banu Begum commenced the construction of the mausoleum for her deceased husband in 1565, nine years after his death. The construction was finished in 1572. They were also told that the construction was one of its kind and it inspired other Mughal structures including the Taj Mahal. They also thoroughly enjoyed the gardens and the water fountain. The fresh lime growing on the trees fascinated our little ones to no end.

The students also noticed that there were a lot of tourists from both within the country and abroad. Some of the foreigners engaged with our little ones, who confidently answered all their questions. Students, after reaching school, shared their experiences and observations in class.

iv. around 500 students of classes 4 & 5 made colourful drawings depicting the rich cultural heritage of india and how we tourism and education go hand in hand.

v. Essay Writing

The students of classes 4 and 5 took part in an essay writing competition on ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ and expressed their opinion about paryatan on various platforms. After careful screening, the following students were adjudged the winners!

Class IV









Class V









All these activities helped the students to celebrate the spirit of tourism and to motivate others by showcasing the tourism potential of Incredible India.

Swachh Bharat Pakhwada
1-15th September 2018

The first step taken towards keep school clean was to promote Green India, Clean India Mission launched by the Govt. of India and September 4, 2018, the mission was started with the Swachta Pledge. All the staff members and the students participated in the event.

On 5th September, the Green School Drive was organized. Teachers talked about segregation of waste and significance of blue and green dustbin.

Teachers’ Day was observed with the special focus on Swachta and students were not allowed to bring items leading to clutter and untidiness.

6th September was a day of creativity! Kids wrote thought provoking essays in class 5.

There was a quiz/painting competition organized for class1. Class 3 and 4 wrote beautiful poems on swachhta.

7th September was observed as ‘Handwash day’. Children were explained the proper method of washing hands and eating. A short questionnaire was handed out to them which gave them insight into their cleanliness regime.

Videos on personal hygiene and cleanliness were also shown to the students.

8th September - Swachh Water Day

Teachers discussed various ways of storing safe drinking water.

The children were made aware of water borne diseases and what one should do to avoid them.

Final day –

The students wrote letters to their parents regarding what they had learnt in the past few days and what they want their parents to do to keep the environment clean.

The students made an inspiring wall painting for the promotion of cleanliness Videos were shown to the kids on the reuse and recycle of the waste material.