Special Assemblies

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Republic Day Special Assembly( January2024 )

DATE: 25 January 2024
TIME: 9:30am-10:30am

On 25 January 2024, the Primary Wing of DPS Mathura Road organised a Republic Day Special assembly in the KG Hall. It was a splendid showcase of patriotism, skillfully orchestrated by the enthusiastic students and dedicated teachers of Class II. The event was graced by the Principal, Ms. Reema Sharma, Vice Principal Academics, Ms. Inderjeet Kaur, Headmistress, Ms. Manisha Varma and Parent Representatives from the Primary Wing.

The event commenced with the young comperes welcoming the guests and participants, setting the tone for the assembly. A harmonious choir followed, resonating through the hall, encapsulating the spirit of unity and national pride.

The Principal, Ms. Reema Sharma, spoke about the relevance and importance of Republic Day, imparting valuable insights to the attentive audience. The highlight of the assembly was a thought-provoking play titled ‘Hamein Bharat Kehte Hain.’ This theatrical production explored the profound significance of various national symbols while seamlessly weaving in an ode to the valour and sacrifices of the Indian defense forces.

This was followed by the grand finale, which was a dance performance by the students of Class II, capturing the essence of the nation's rich cultural tapestry. The auditorium reverberated with applause as the young performers captivated the audience. The assembly came to a close, when everyone rose for the national anthem, with a sense of collective pride. This meticulously crafted Republic Day celebration succeeded in instilling a deep sense of patriotism and appreciation for the nation's heritage in the minds of the students.

Christmas Special Assembly 2023-24

The Primary Wing of DPS Mathura Road organised a Christmas Special Assembly for students of classes I to V. The event was held on 22 December 2023 in the school premises. The assembly was prepared and presented by the students and teachers of class IV and exuded the essence of the holiday season. The event was graced by the Principal, Ms. Reema Sharma, Vice Principal Academics, Ms. Inderjeet Kaur, Vice Principal Administration, Mr. Naveen Kumar, Headmistress, Ms. Manisha Varma, Senior Mistress, Ms. Roopa Arora and Ms. Anita Dixit, Coordinator, Senior School.

Amidst the crisp winter breeze, the Christmas Assembly came alive with a symphony of joyful melodies. The event began with the Christmas choir, their angelic voices, weaving a tapestry of beloved carols. From the serene ‘Silent Night’ to the lively rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’, their harmonies painted a vibrant picture of togetherness and joy.

The highlight of the event was a heartwarming portrayal of the Christ’s Nativity Scene, with Mary and Joseph cradling baby Jesus in their arms. This was followed by the special Christmas news bulletin with the cherished symbols of the season: twinkling lights, evergreen wreaths, and the vibrant hues of red and green. It highlighted the angels of Christmas - selfless acts of kindness and generosity - embodying the true spirit of the season, igniting hope and goodwill in every corner.

The Finale dance performed on lively Christmas carols infused the atmosphere with contagious enthusiasm that spread among the children, with each song eliciting cheers and smiles from the young attendees.

The Award Distribution ceremony followed shortly thereafter, where students were felicitated for their exceptional academic and co-curricular achievements. The Headmistress, Ms. Manisha Varma spoke on Christmas festivities and thanked everyone for their contribution to the Special Assembly. Encapsulating the true spirit of the season, the Christmas Assembly served, as more than just an event, it was a platform for joyous celebration and enthusiastic engagement.

EVS Week 2023-24

26-27 December 2023

The Primary Wing of DPS Mathura Road organised an EVS Week for students of classes I to V, an annual event to raise awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices.

This year's theme was "Billion Dreams, One Earth” that aimed to educate and empower students to work together, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility towards the planet.

Educators across classes I-V successfully facilitated engaging discussions and initiatives with students, highlighting the significance of individual actions in creating a positive environmental impact.

Theme-based topics such as, Earth's Natural Resources, Earth Protectors, Houses Found in Different Regions of the World, Exploring Local Wildlife and Eco-Friendly objects were presented.

Various art and craft activities using recycled materials, awareness campaigns, show and tell, model making, slogans, eco-pledge, presentations, nature walks and hands-on projects were undertaken during EVS period, fostering a comprehensive understanding of ecological concepts. Students participated enthusiastically and developed a greater appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature, as well as the need to protect and conserve biodiversity.

The successful completion of the EVS Week demonstrated the power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges.

The core concept of collective action resonated with the students to adopt eco-friendly habits in their daily lives, inspiring them to become responsible stewards of the environment.

Mathemagic – Maths Week


DATES - 28-11-23, 29-11-23

To celebrate the beauty of numbers, patterns, shapes and logic, Maths week was organised for classes I – V on the dates 28.11.23 and 29.11.23. On 28.11.23 classes III – V organised many interesting activities for the students in the classrooms. Slice Your Time Activity was organized for the students of grade III to enhance their knowledge on fractions and time. They made a working model of a clock, showed time on it, and expressed the marked part in fractions. The theme for class IV was Symmetrical Impressions. Students presented examples of symmetrical things around them. They talked about the line of symmetry, types of symmetry and used models/ charts to present the same in class. Students of class V prepared and presented string designs crafted on an A-4 sized sheet using threads / strings of length 1metre. These threads/strings designs were based on the mathematical concept of measurement of length. The activity was named Trendy Twines. It was a great learning experience for the students to visualize a variety of contours made using the same stretch of threads.

On 29.11.23 classes, I and II designed a plethora of activities to make the students explore the fun side of Mathematics. The theme for class I was ‘Shape-Tacular Extravaganza’.

Students used their bodies to form various shapes like triangle, square, circle etc. They even drew a “shape monster” using different 2D shapes. Word Wall and Smart board games were conducted in the classrooms. Students also brought shape tiffin having food items cut into different shapes. Students of Class II enthusiastically participated in Fair and Square activity on various flat shapes. They were shown power point presentation on riddles based on different 2dimensional shapes. Thereafter, children made shapes using toothpicks and dry clay. All students participated excitedly with great zeal and fervor.

Diwali Activity


Students of classes I to V made diyas using paper folding method and decorated them. They used these diyas for decoration purpose during Diwali.

Mock Earthquake Drill Report

Date: 28.12.2023

On December 28, 2023, the Junior Wing conducted a mock earthquake drill. Earlier that day, teachers discussed earthquake safety and the purpose of the drill with students in the Homeroom period. At 10:30 am, a hooter signalled the start of the mock drill. Students swiftly took cover under their tables while the teachers positioned themselves by the doors. The duration of the drill was five minutes. The coordinated effort showcased the school's commitment to emergency preparedness, ensuring students gained practical knowledge about responding calmly and efficiently during such situations. The total number of students that participated in the drill was 1081/1456.

Anti Bullying Campaign

Anti-Bullying Campaign is an ongoing programme initiated by the Primary Wing with a motive of mitigating bullying. Peer educators sensitized children about bullying and its consequences. They also focused on good touch and bad touch. Students were specifically told to speak out and report if they ever felt uncomfortable about any such thing.

The Peer Educators emphasized that with ‘rights,’ the students must not forget their ‘responsibilities’. The students should avoid unsafe situations and report any such matter immediately to a trusted adult.

The students were asked to be sensitive, sympathetic, and respectful towards everyone and appreciate good qualities in others.

The programme was held on 25.10.23 for class V (sections A to H) and on 1.11.23, for class IV (sections A to H). The programme was part of the happiness classes wherein the students were guided about the ways to live a happy and cordial life at home and in school.

Anti Cracker Campaign

An Anti-Firecracker Campaign was held for classes I – V in the Junior Wing of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road to spread awareness on mass level.

A PowerPoint Presentation was shown to all the students so that the students could understand the impact of the chemicals in the crackers on our health, and the effects of crackers on our environment.

Say ‘No’ to Crackers and ‘Yes’ to pollution free environment drive was organized to sensitize the students and encourage them to celebrate a Cracker free Diwali. The campaign was held on 26.10.23 across all the grades of the Primary Wing. The total number of students who participated was 1450.

Environment Club Activities-Primary Wing December-2023

Date: 04.12.2023 - 08.12.2023

Class I-II
The teacher discussed the topic ‘Noise Pollution’ followed by a “Role Play”.

Class III and V
Students were given an article to read. The teacher discussed the same in the class. Thereafter, they wrote a guided essay on “Dust Pollution”.

Class IV
Students wrote a guided essay on “Various Types of Pollution and Their Impact on Daily Life and Health”.

Christmas Carnival 2023-24

DATE: 16 December 2023
TIME: 7:30am-12:30pm
VENUE: Junior School Playground

Amidst the crisp winter breeze, the Christmas Carnival came alive with a symphony of joyful melodies, the air filled with the contagious excitement of the season. The carnival was an exceptional event meticulously designed for the students, offering a delightful array of games and activities that exuded the essence of the holiday season.

From the traditional ‘Drop the Ball’ challenge, where skills were tested, to the captivating ‘Pyramid Knockdown,’ each game was curated with precision to entertain and enthrall the attending students. Adding to the festive ambience were activities like ‘Pin the Red Nose’ and the suspenseful ‘Lucky Dip’. Furthermore, the carnival's ambience was enhanced by the presence of colourful food stalls that tempted the taste buds with mouth-watering delicacies.

The students revelled in the joy of having candyfloss, their laughter echoing the festive spirit of the occasion.

The highlight of the event was Ms. Isabella Clive’s portrayal of Santa Claus, donning the iconic red suit and engaging the students in lively dances. The presence of Santa Claus infused the atmosphere with contagious enthusiasm that spread among the children.

The games not only provided entertainment but also fostered an environment of camaraderie and joyful interactions among the students. Each victory at the games resulted in prizes of stationery items and engaging game booklets, eliciting cheers and smiles from the young attendees. These wins became cherished tokens, reminders of the fun-filled moments shared during the carnival.

In encapsulating the true spirit of the season, the Christmas Carnival served as more than just an event—it was a platform for joyous celebration and enthusiastic engagement. It succeeded not only in providing entertainment but also in creating enduring memories for lifetime.

Educational Trip To Pradhan Mantri Sangrahalaya/Prime Ministers’ Museum (Pms)

Class V
Date :12-12-23

An educational trip to ‘Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya’ or the Prime Ministers’ Museum was organized for the students of Class V of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road during the school working hours on 12th December’23.

The museum, located in Teen Murti Estate of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s premises, is dedicated to all the Prime Ministers of India. The grand museum gives a glimpse into a rapidly changing India. It narrates the story of the nation through the contributions and achievements of every Prime Minister of India.

The whole excursion was not only exciting but also holistically educational for the students.

Picnic To National Rail Museum

Class- IV

“All aboard and close the doors. Whistle blows and engine roars. Spinning wheels beginning to grip. These are the sounds as we start our trip!”

The students of Grade IV visited the ‘National Railway Museum’, New Delhi on Friday, 8th Dec’23. Enthralled by the sight of the toy train, the students could not contain their excitement as they boarded the train for the joy ride. Then they explored the museum and saw the engines and coaches displayed as exhibits. The fun filled outing ended with a joyful ride back to the school. The trip was an enriching and fun-filled experience for the children, allowing them to learn about the rich heritage and history of Indian Railways while also enjoying the outdoors.

Picnic To Sunder Nursery For Classes –III And II

DATES: 6.12.23 , 21.12.23

VENUE: Sundar Nursery

Students of class III and II embarked on a delightful picnic to Sundar Nursery. The day brimmed with joy as students engaged in games, lively dance events, and revelled in the beauty of diverse flora and fauna. The nursery's rich variety of plants and trees provided an educational backdrop, fostering learning opportunities.

Independence Day

15th August 23

The Primary Wing of Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, New Delhi celebrated the 77th Independence Day with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervour. The Principal, Ms. Reema Sharma addressed the gathering and urged the students to embrace the spirit of patriotism, work hard, dream big, and contribute positively to the growth and progress of our country. The programme commenced with a soulful musical rendition based on ‘teen taal’ by the school choir that invoked patriotic emotions and sentiments. This was followed by a theatrical dance performance based on pre-independence patriotic poems and songs that played a pivotal role in the Indian freedom struggle. The experience of India’s freedom struggle was told through songs like ‘Sarfaroshi ki tamanna,’ ‘Jhanda uncha rahe hamara,’ ‘Kadam kadam badhae jaa’. The vibrant presentation filled the audience with pride and respect for our freedom fighters. The assembly ended with a foot tapping dance performance by students of Class V. The vivacious dancers filled the auditorium with profound emotions, zeal, and enthusiasm. The event drew to a close with a vote of thanks delivered by the Headmistress, Ms. Manisha Varma. Her words reverberated the sentiment of the entire gathering, expressing gratitude to the special guests and to the organizers of the event for their collective effort.


Republic Day Special Assembly

The 71st Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur on 24th January 2020. A special assembly was presented by the students of class II to mark the occasion.

Through a musical dance drama the audience were made aware about the importance of the Constitution and its unique features enshrined in the preamble of the constitution which left everyone spellbound. A soulful rendition by the choir filled the air with patriotism. This was followed by pledge on Swachhta.

The Principal, Ms Deeksha Khera greeted the students on this joyous occasion and applauded their performance .She also motivated them to emulate the spirit of our constitution.

The Headmistress, Ms Ranjana Dean expressed pride in the rich cultural past of the country and urged students to be the harbingers of a social change to build a new and strong India.

The assembly culminated with a vote of thanks followed by the National Anthem.

Christmas Assembly

A special assembly on Christmas was presented by the talented children of class III. The assembly began with the motivating address by the headmistress. The children sang carols and presented skits with messages to become good human beings and being helpful. It concluded with the dance performance on foot tapping music. It was liked and appreciated by all.

Children's Day 2019

Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on November 20, 2019 by Class IV students along with their teachers. The celebrations commenced with the school choir followed by awe inspiring skit, medley of foot-tapping songs and engaging dance performances by the students. Teachers also presented a group dance. The little ones were ecstatic to spot their teachers on stage. Their constant cheering prompted the teachers to put forward their best! .The item put up by the students with special needs was a treat to the eyes and totally left the audience spell bound.

The Headmistress Ms Ranjana Dean encouraged students with her words of wisdom. Chocolates were distributed to all the children to mark the celebrations and the assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

Report On Teachers’ Day Assembly

An expression of joy and celebration with lot of gratitude and respect towards the architects of the society, students of class I presented a spectacular assembly on 4th September, 2019.

The Headmistress, Ms Ranjana Dean in her welcome address enlightened the gathering upon the importance of teachers in playing a catalytic role in the holistic development of every student.

Verses dedicated to teachers, heart touching enactment depicting the special bond between the teacher and the student, mesmerizing dance performances were the highlights of the assembly.

Principal, Ms. Deeksha Khera in her address briefed about the significance of the day and applauded the efforts of all participants.

The assembly concluded with the vote of thanks followed by the National Anthem.

Independence Day

The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated by the Primary Wing on Tuesday, 13th August 2019 with unprecedented patriotic fervor.

A special assembly was conducted by the students of class V to commemorate the occasion. The melodious patriotic song by the choir further added the zest of patriotism.,

Headmistress, Ms. Ranjana Dean greeted the children on the occasion of Independence Day and motivated them to maintain the sovereignty and equality of the nation.

Pulsating with rhythm and harmony the stage came alive as students presented an awe-inspiring skit which reminded of the events of courage and supreme sacrifice of our great freedom fighters. The breathtaking dance performance left the audience mesmerized.

Principal, Ms. Deeksha Khera in her address briefed about the significance of the day and applauded the efforts of all participants.

The assembly concluded with the vote of thanks followed by the National Anthem.

Principal’s Farewell
31st March 2019

Our respected principal Shri Manohar Lal retired on 31st March 2019 after 37 years of exemplary service in the school. A special assembly was organised by the students of classes VB and VC to bid farewell to the great man. The children turned up in large numbers with bouquets of flowers to wish him luck for future.

Special Assemblies/ Functions

The Junior School celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervour on 13th August, 2018 in the school to mark the 72nd year of freedom from the British rule.

The Principal, Mr.Manohar Lal addressed the gathering, appealing to their nationalistic spirit and urged them to take pride in being an Indian and fulfilling one’s duty with responsibility. He also emphasized the role of youth today as the true wealth of a country. Going back in history, he shared that it was not so easy for the India to get freedom from the Britishers, however; great people sacrificed their lives for India’s freedom.

To pay homage and tribute to the treasured stars of our nation, the students of class IV presented glimpses of freedom struggle from Rani Laxmi Bai to Nehru’s speech: “Tryst with destiny”, The glory of the Indian Army-Now and Then was depicted beautifully. Students were dressed up as freedom fighters and Army officers. They also staged an awe-inspiring play on “Girl Child” and “Health Care”.

Childrens’ Day was celebrated with great gusto, on 20th November, 2018 by Class V students along with their teachers. They had put up a spectacular assembly focusing on nurturing children with love and affection so that they could contribute towards the bright future of the country. The Principal, Mr Manohar Lal along with the Headmistress and the PTA members graced the occasion with their presence.