Notice Board

Indradhanush, Inter School Competition Organised by Sanskriti School on 20th August 2019

  • No. of CWSN Students Participated -22

  • No. of Events -8

  • Accompanying Teachers – Mr. Ehsanul Haque (TGT- Special Educator)
    Ms. Asma Nikhat (Special Educator)

The INDRADHANUSH, Inter School Competition was organised by Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri on 20th August 2019 to promote the spirit of ‘Inclusion’ for children with special needs in different events.

The CWSN students from our school participated in all events like – Paper Bag decoration, Painting, Jewellery Making, Pot Decoration, Baking, Cooking without fire and Skit. Total No. of students were 22 including 3 students from junior school participated in solo activities like – Paper bag decoration and painting, Mohd. Akhlad from grade 4-E has secured Second Position in paper bag decoration, he is honoured by a medal with participation certificates.

All the students have got participation certificates as well as got the opportunity to show their talent, abilities through such kind of events including solo and group activities.

All in all, the event seemed interactive, fruitful and effective

Inauguration – Enrichment Centre

The ‘Enrichment centre’- Junior Wing designed for the overall stimulation and effective channelization of energy of the kids across was formally inaugurated on August 14th 2019.

To facilitate the process ; Mrs. Deeksha Khera , Principal , Mrs. Reema Sharma ; Vice Principal , Mrs. Renu Puri ; Senior Mistress , Mrs. Ranjana Dean ; Headmistress and Mrs. Roopa Arora; Academic coordinator were formally invited . Ribbon cutting ceremony was performed thereafter.

An overview of the activities being undertaken was offered along with the involvement of the students who are a regular part of the enrichment activities across Grade 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Students seemed to be actively engaged in simulative tasks.

Teachers took an overview of the centre. Key components of the centre were displayed viz; Sensory tools, Tablets, Reading Corner, tool kits alike.

All in all; the event seemed to be an overall success .

The Enrichment centre is indeed an asset designed with multitude activities centered towards overall upliftment of students.

A big leap of gratitude rendered towards the management for fostering this project.