Due to rise in the temperature and pollution in Delhi, the PTA and Managing Committee of the school has approved to switch over to the air conditioned DTC buses for classes II to XII w.e.f. 01.07.2019. Bus fee shall be revised accordingly.
Congratulations to Sh. V.K.Shunglu, Chairman DPS Society – Padma Bhushan Awardee
Notice Board
English Department
S. No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Mrs. Manisha Varma Head of Department manishavarma@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Ms. Fauzia Umar PGT fauzia@dpsmathuraroad.org 
3 Mrs. Poonam Gupta PGT poonamgupta@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Mrs. Rubina Rehan PGT rubina@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Ms. Deeksha Bhardwaj PGT deekshabh@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Ms. Mitasha Saini PGT mitasha@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Mrs. Kamini Dhody TGT kamini@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Mrs. Nita Jain TGT nita@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Mrs. Neha Shrivastav TGT nehashrivastav@dpsmathuraroad.org
10 Mrs. Lubna Darokhan TGT lubna@dpsmathuraroad.org
11 Mrs. Anita Dixit TGT anitadixit@dpsmathuraroad.org
12 Mrs. Seema Anjum TGT seemaanjum@dpsmathuraroad.org
13 Ms.Gayatri Verma TGT gayatriverma@dpsmathuraroad.org
14 Ms. Sonam Kanda TGT sonam@dpsmathuraroad.org
15 Ms. Richa Babbar TGT richababbar@dpsmathuraroad.org
Hindi Department
S. No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Mrs. Bharti Joshi Head of Department hodhindi@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Ms. Ritu Sirohi PGT reetu@dpsmathuraroad.org
3 Mrs. Diveshwari Rawat TGT deveshwari@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Dr. (Mrs.) Ashish Vashisth TGT ashishv@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Mrs. Vina Trivedi TGT vina@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Ms. Mamta TGT mamta@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Mrs. Rashmi Bhardwaj TGT rashmi@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Ms. Puja Singh TGT puja@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Ms. Asmita Pant TGT asmita@dpsmathuraroad.org
10 Ms. Anuradha TGT anuradha@dpsmathuraroad.org
Mathematics Department
S. No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Mr. Naveen Kumar Head of Department hodmaths@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Ms. Kusum Wadhwa PGT kusum@dpsmathuraroad.org
3 Mrs. Simi Arora PGT simi@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Mr. Anupal Sagar PGT anupal@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Mrs. Priyanka Tawakley PGT priyankata@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Mrs. Manisha Paul PGT manishapaul@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Ms. Rashmi Sagar PGT rashmisagar@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Mrs. Rakhi Tyagi TGT rakhi@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Mrs. Davesh Lobo TGT davesh@dpsmathuraroad.org
10 Mrs. Rashmi Bhartiya TGT rashmibh@dpsmathuraroad.org
11 Mrs. Jyoti Sharma TGT jyoti@dpsmathuraroad.org
12 Mrs. Neena Wason TGT neenawason@dpsmathuraroad.org
13 Mrs. Yasheel Gupta TGT yasheel@dpsmathuraroad.org
14 Mrs. Apurva Uppal TGT apurva@dpsmathuraroad.org
15 Mrs. Vandana Garg TGT vandana@dpsmathuraroad.org
16 Ms. Taru Malhotra TGT taru@dpsmathuraroad.org
17 Ms. Shweta Negi TGT shwetanegi@dpsmathuraroad.org
Chemistry Department
S. No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Mrs. Mukta Midha Head of Department hodchemistry@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Mrs. Yusra Faridi PGT yusra@dpsmathuraroad.org
3 Mrs. Tabassum PGT tabassum@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Mrs. Sarika Saluja PGT sarika@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Mrs. Komal Arora PGT komal@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Mrs. Neena Sinha TGT neena@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Mrs. Deepa Nayyar TGT deepa@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Mrs. Neenu Sharma TGT neenu@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Mrs. Deepti Garg TGT deepti@dpsmathuraroad.org
Physics Department
S. No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Mrs. Anjali Gupta Head of Department hodphysics@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma PGT UNDER SUSPENSION
3 Mr. Shiv Ratan Singh PGT shivratan@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Mr. Pawan Kumar Gautam PGT pawankumar@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Ms. Surabhi Bhargava PGT surabhi@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Mr. Sudhakar Kaushik TGT sudhakar@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Mrs. Anubha Mendiratta TGT anubha@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Mrs. Arveen Kaur TGT arveen@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Mrs. Sipra Shekhar TGT sipra@dpsmathuraroad.org
Physical Education Department
S. No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Mrs. Amit Kaur Head of Department hodpe@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Dr. Vikas Dutt PGT vikasdutt@dpsmathuraroad.org
3 Mr. Avinash Grover TGT Yoga avinash@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Mr. Harish Tomar TGT harish@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Ms. Shefali Arora TGT shefali@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Dr. Lalita Thakur TGT yakshap@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Mr. Arun Kumar TGT neeru@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Mr. Yakshap Jindal PRT lalita@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Ms. Neeru PRT arun@dpsmathuraroad.org
10 Mr. Hemant Kumar PRT hemant@dpsmathuraroad.org
11 Mr. Manoj Bhandari Physical Fitness Instructor manojbhandari@dpsmathuraroad.org
Primary Wing
S. No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Ms. Ranjana Dean Headmistress hm@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Mrs. Rani Kumari PRT ranijha@dpsmathuraroad.org
3 Mrs. Anjula Puri PRT anjula@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Mrs. Sangeeta Mehta PRT sangeetamehta@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Mrs. Shalini Jha PRT shalinijha@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Mrs. Roopa Arora PRT roopa@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Mrs. Renu Bibra PRT renubibra@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Mrs. Seema Gambhir PRT seemagambhir@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Mrs. Kamna Arora PRT kamna@dpsmathuraroad.org
10 Mrs. Purnima Jain PRT purnima@dpsmathuraroad.org
11 Dr. N D Prabuddha PRT ndprabuddha@dpsmathuraroad.org
12 Ms. Nisha Kakkar PRT nishakakkar@dpsmathuraroad.org &nishadpserp@dpsmathuraroad.org
13 Mrs. Poonam Maira PRT poonammaira@dpsmathuraroad.org
14 Mrs. Rina Yadav PRT rina@dpsmathuraroad.org
15 Mrs. Anshu Anurupa PRT anshu@dpsmathuraroad.org
16 Ms.Upasana Khanna PRT upasanakhanna@dpsmathuraroad.org
17 Mrs. Bhavika Narain PRT bhavika@dpsmathuraroad.org
18 Mrs. Sneh Lata Kaushik PRT snehlata@dpsmathuraroad.org
19 Mrs. Neha Ghai PRT nehaghai@dpsmathuraroad.org
20 Mrs. Sadhna Mehta PRT sadhnamehta@dpsmathuraroad.org
21 Mrs. Prabhjot Baruah PRT prabhjot@dpsmathuraroad.org
22 Mrs. Anju Vij PRT anjuvij@dpsmathuraroad.org
23 Mrs. Anu W. Bhalla PRT anubhalla@dpsmathuraroad.org
24 Mrs. Vineeta Batra PRT vineeta@dpsmathuraroad.org
25 Mrs. Ruchi Sharma PRT ruchisharma@dpsmathuraroad.org
26 Mrs. Syed Rafath Parveen PRT syedrafath@dpsmathuraroad.org
27 Mrs. Kavita U Pant PRT kavitapant@dpsmathuraroad.org
28 Mrs. Shivani Ajmani PRT shivaniajmani@dpsmathuraroad.org
29 Mrs. Mandeep Kohli PRT mandeep@dpsmathuraroad.org
30 Mrs. Anu Sabharwal PRT anusabharwal@dpsmathuraroad.org
31 Mrs. Rachna Garg PRT rachnagarg@dpsmathuraroad.org
32 Ms. Tejasvini PRT tejasvini@dpsmathuraroad.org
33 Mrs. Navpreet Sahota PRT navpreet@dpsmathuraroad.org
34 Ms. Upasna Dixit PRT upasna@dpsmathuraroad.org
35 Ms. Enakshi Arora PRT enakshi@dpsmathuraroad.org
36 Ms. Renuka Kohli PRT renukakohli@dpsmathuraroad.org
37 Mrs. Kanika Arora PRT kanika@dpsmathuraroad.org
38 Mrs. Maninder J Kaur PRT maninder@dpsmathuraroad.org
39 Mrs. Kavita Khanna PRT kavitakhanna@dpsmathuraroad.org
40 Mrs. Poonam Nangia Mitra PRT poonammitra@dpsmathuraroad.org
41 Ms. Megha Bhatia PRT meghabhatia@dpsmathuraroad.org
42 Mrs. Shweta Vig PRT shweta@dpsmathuraroad.org
43 Mrs. Ritika Sangal PRT ritika@dpsmathuraroad.org
44 Mrs. Rachna Chhabra PRT rachna@dpsmathuraroad.org
45 Mrs. Sabeeha Zarin PRT sabeeha@dpsmathuraroad.org
46 Ms. Shivi Khosla PRT shivi@dpsmathuraroad.org
47 Mrs. Asna Ahmed PRT asna@dpsmathuraroad.org
48 Mrs. Rashmeet Anand PRT rashmeet@dpsmathuraroad.org
49 Mrs. Nidhi Dua PRT nidhidua@dpsmathuraroad.org
50 Mrs. Sunali Suri PRT sunali@dpsmathuraroad.org
51 Ms. Shaista Khan PRT shaista@dpsmathuraroad.org
52 Ms. Khushboo PRT khushboo@dpsmathuraroad.org
53 Ms. Suman Sharma PRT sumansharma@dpsmathuraroad.org
54 Ms.Shubhangi Mathur PRT shubhangi@dpsmathuraroad.org
55 Ms. Swati Verma PRT swativerma@dpsmathuraroad.org
56 Mr. Anand Prakash TGT Physical Education anand@dpsmathuraroad.org
57 Mrs. Mukesh Mahal PET mukesh@dpsmathuraroad.org
58 Mrs. Kalpana Grover PRT Yoga kalpanagrover@dpsmathuraroad.org
59 Mrs. Poonam Bhardwaj PRT Art poonambh@dpsmathuraroad.org
60 Ms. Chakshu Bhardwaj PRT Art chakshu@dpsmathuraroad.org
61 Mr. Shekhar Shankar Gangani PRT Tabla shekhar@dpsmathuraroad.org
62 Mrs. Geeta Sharma PRT Music geetasharma@dpsmathuraroad.org
63 Mrs. Raseswari Nayak PRT Dance raseswari@dpsmathuraroad.org
64 Mrs. Aparna Ravi Librarian raparna@dpsmathuraroad.org
65 Ms. Tapti Malhotra Counsellor tapti@dpsmathuraroad.org
66 Ms. Ayushi Rawat PRT ayushi@dpsmathuraroad.org
Pre Primary Wing
S. No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Mrs. Renu Puri Senior Mistress sm@dpsmathuraroad.org
2 Ms. Bhawna Malik PRT bhawna@dpsmathuraroad.org
3 Mrs. Neesha Gadh PRT neesha@dpsmathuraroad.org
4 Mrs. Fauzia Naz PRT fauzianaz@dpsmathuraroad.org
5 Mrs. Shelly Satija PRT shelly@dpsmathuraroad.org
6 Mrs. Nishi Ahuja PRT nishi@dpsmathuraroad.org
7 Ms.Neha Mahajan PRT nehamahajan@dpsmathuraroad.org
8 Mrs. Sumita Roy PRT sumita@dpsmathuraroad.org
9 Ms. Gunjan Malik PRT gunjan@dpsmathuraroad.org
10 Mrs. Monika Mishra PRT monikamishra@dpsmathuraroad.org
11 Mrs. Shivani Dua PRT shivani@dpsmathuraroad.org
12 Mrs. Isabella Clive PRT isabella@dpsmathuraroad.org
13 Ms. Gayatri Negi PRT gayatri@dpsmathuraroad.org
14 Mrs. Beena Pandey PRT beena@dpsmathuraroad.org
15 Mrs. Meenal Garg PRT meenal@dpsmathuraroad.org
16 Mrs. Neerja Gaba PRT neerja@dpsmathuraroad.org
17 Mrs. Jasleen K.Vig PRT jasleen@dpsmathuraroad.org
18 Ms. Rajni Parashar PRT rajniparashar@dpsmathuraroad.org
19 Mrs. Ritu Raheja PRT rituraheja@dpsmathuraroad.org
20 Mrs. Punya Sarin PRT punya@dpsmathuraroad.org
21 Mrs. Ritu Varma PRT rituvarma@dpsmathuraroad.org
22 Mrs. Deepti Sehgal PRT deeptisehgal@dpsmathuraroad.org
23 Mrs. Dolly Dayal PRT dolly@dpsmathuraroad.org
24 Mrs. Maya T PRT maya@dpsmathuraroad.org
25 Mrs. Chitwan Gill PRT chitwan@dpsmathuraroad.org
26 Mrs. Kanchan D. Keswani PRT kanchan@dpsmathuraroad.org
27 Mrs. Richa Pandey PRT richa@dpsmathuraroad.org
28 Mrs. Manjulika Malik PRT manjulika@dpsmathuraroad.org
29 Mrs. Sarika Khosla PRT sarikakhosla@dpsmathuraroad.org
30 Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal PRT sangeetamittal@dpsmathuraroad.org
31 Ms. Priyanka Stanley PRT priyankastanley@dpsmathuraroad.org
32 Ms. Reshma Bano PRT Art reshma@dpsmathuraroad.org
33 Ms. Surbhi Gupta PRT surbhigupta@dpsmathuraroad.org
34 Ms. Akshee Gusain PRT akshee@dpsmathuraroad.org