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Creativity Week

Creativity Week Exhibition 2023-24

Toys are a medium for children to explore, interact, and create. The Pre-Primary Wing of Delhi Public School Mathura Road presented a spectacular exhibition of toys made by the little ones- ‘My Toys…My Treasure’. The exhibition was attended by Chief Guest, Ms Kavita Nayar, a contemporary artist, Principal Ms Reema Sharma, Vice Principals, Head Mistress and Senior Mistress. The program concluded with a mesmerizing dance drama ‘Toytopia’-an in-house production performed by the tiny tots, where life sized toys came to life.

Creativity Week Exhibition 2022 -23



Enter into our vibrant exhibition to experience the mixed art-works of the talented and enthusiastic children of DPS Mathura Road, Pre-Primary Wing. These children embarked on an exciting sensory journey of different art forms, which they have proudly show-cased.

Creativity Week Exhibition 2021 -22

Delhi Public School Mathura Road was delighted to showcase an exhibition of the craft work created by our little artists. Creating art not only expands a child’s ability to interact with the world around them but also provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Our Creativity Week exhibition "सृष्टि-Paradise Recreated" was a thumping success, acquainting the children with the beautiful world of fauna that the earth is blessed with and making them more sensitive to and appreciative of this gift from God. It was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm with which all the children performed each activity online, which culminated in an exhibition, a mere delight for the eyes. Parents expressed their gratitude for such a wonderful exhibition by penning down their valuable feedbacks.

Creativity Week Exhibition 2019 -20

“Delhi Public School, Mathura Road –The Illuminious North Star-celebrating seventy years of excellence”

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead”Nelson Mandela

This year DPS, Mathura Road completes 70 years of contribution to education and learning. It gives us a chance to celebrate our founding, reflect on our years of success, revel in the sense of community we’ve built and imagine the next seventy years to come. We at the Pre-Primary Wing take pleasure in expressing our joy through creative expressions. All 500 children were involved in making art and craft items showcasing the journey and growth of DPS, Mathura Road through decades as a torchbearer in the field of education. These activities were designed to stimulate creativity along with curiosity. These activities were an opportunity that enabled them to recognize their talent, hone their skills, instill positive values and make learning fun. The Creativity Week culminated in an exhibition “Delhi Public School, Mathura Road –The Illuminious North Star-celebrating seventy years of excellence” and parents were invited to view the exhibition. Our notable alumni Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva, the Chief Guest and our longest serving Ex Principal Mr. M.I Hussain, the Guest of Honour inaugurated the exhibition. Murals, photo frames, wall hangings, dream catchers, mugs and paintings were a part of display. The valuable support and guidance of our mentors, esteemed Principal Ms. Deeksha Khera, Vice Principal Ms. Reema Sharma, Head Mistress Ms. Ranjana Dean, Senior Mistress Ms. Renu Puri went a long way to help the teachers create an extremely beautiful and meaningful exhibit. Giving wings to the imagination, creative expressions of a child and learning about the history of our great school were some of the learning outcomes of this mega event.

Creativity Week

A theme based annual event which was held from 27th August till 31st August, 2018. The children created craft items or displays related to the theme – ‘Our Universe’. This week delved deep into the depths of the child’s imagination and creativity culminating in an Exhibition “A Space Odyssey” which was on display on the 30th and 31st of August 2018. The parents were invited to come and admire the work of the little ones. The items on display won rave response from one and all and each child’s creativity was given wings thorough this exhibition. The exhibition not only boosted the creative aspect of the child but also made him/her aware of the universe and its various aspects. It was interesting to view the Universe from the kaleidoscope of a child’s vision, ensuring all along that the bigger facts are made easy in a child friendly manner.

Giving wings to the imagination and creative expression of a child, boosting the understanding of the Universe and encouraging Scientific thinking were some of the learning outcomes of this mega event.