Annual Day

Annual Day 2024-25

An unforgettable celebration of life’s vibrant spectrum at our Annual Day Event themed ‘The Colours of Life.’ We celebrated the tapestry of human emotions and the richness they bring to our lives through captivating dance performances by our little talented children. The day concluded with heartfelt cheers echoing and a sense of accomplishment filling the air.

Annual Sports Day

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, an apt quote to instill a spark of willingness and excitement among our children. Hence in Delhi Public School Mathura Road, to kindle the spirit of sportsmanship among the budding stars, we celebrated our Annual Sports Day, ‘Mini Field Fest…Towards Fitness with Fun’ with great zeal, excitement and a frolicsome atmosphere on 25th February 2023.

The tiny tots participated enthusiastically in various races, fun activities and drills. So as to give the little angels an opportunity to display their self-confidence, patience and sportsmanship.

A pleasing smile and contentment on the faces of children and parents spoke volumes about the success of MINI FIELD FEST.