Beyond The Books

Beyond The Books

Every child has his/her own true calling. It is our responsibility to encourage children to find it by guiding them and providing them with a platform. We encourage students to explore their creativity. Dance, Art and Physical exercise form an integral part of our co-curricular education. The early years are the most significant for human growth, development and learning. Facilitating the right stimulation at the right time is very important. It aims an enriching environment for children to enquire, explore and discover a great deal about themselves and their surroundings through various experiential activities.


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge,”- Albert Einstein

We at DPS Mathura Road aim to provide a positive learning environment and believe that children have real understanding only if they explore themselves. This is a fun way for children to learn colours, letters, numbers and shapes. Colourful flooring will be used for a variety of fun and educational games.

The children displayed how these activities can be used as learning tools, highlighting the fact that a single activity can be customized to a person’s learning outcome needs and can be used in multiple ways.

It will strengthen language, communication, numeracy skills, reinforce observation skills by involving multiple senses in the learning process, facilitate understanding of abstract notions through concrete examples available from the school environment and in return develop in children a respect for nature and the environment.


Happy, lively and rhythmically graceful young students are the star attractions of any on-stage presentation. Dancing to a favourite tune is something that children learn in their natural environment even before they learn to walk. Introducing dance to students from a very young age fosters creativity, teamwork and physical coordination.


An artist’s vision, truthful and candid, lies bare with a stroke of the brush and a splash of colour. The purest form of self-expression, art stimulates imagination, develops aesthetic sense and fosters individualistic thought and collaborative spirit. Students are given the freedom to express their emotions and feelings through art.


Today’s world revolves around technology, so computer skills have become a necessity. Basic computer Mouse Skills are also important for young students because using the mouse properly brings them to a comfort level with the device. KEA coloring book, TUX PAINT and TUX TYPING software are in use to increase eye –hand coordination among young students learning. The overall purpose of having a computer class for our little young minds is to make them hold and control the computer mouse and also make them understand the difference between the left/ Right-clicking. They also learn the names of different parts of the computer like the CPU, monitor, mouse etc.