First Day of School

First Day of School

A time for new beginnings….

Pre primary Wing welcome activities:

The children were excited and anxious to enter their new class and meet their new teachers. The teachers warmly welcomed them and make them wear the ‘Head Bands’ which children decorated on their own. A special activity was also planned – SPLASH PAINTING, in which each child enthusiastically splashed paints on a sheet of paper making different pictures.

Preschool welcome activities:

The first day of preschool has arrived and it’s time for the little munchkins to begin an educational journey. We at D.P.S. are committed to help a child with separation anxiety and to successfully start a new school adventure. The little ones were welcomed with great warmth and a big hug to make their day special and memorable.

Each child was made to wear a welcome ‘ HEAD BAND’ which was in a shape of a crown and made it more fun as the children decorated them painting on it with fingers. The day became more fun filled when a clown entered the class and distributed sweets to them. This brought a big smile on our little ones. Over all, it was an amazing and an overwhelming day for the children and teachers.